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You know, sometimes I wonder if the unemployment rate has more to do with people being idiots, than a lack of jobs.

I picked up some stuff from a lady yesterday who wanted to save money by doing her own data entry. Apparently, she's been doing her own books for eight years but now she's getting kinda tired of it. Fair enough. Whatever.

I crack it open today. Okay, things look pretty good. A few things need tidying up but that's year end tidying so that's kinda my job. Then I get to her Receivables and her Bank. OMG!

Instead of entering JUST what she had invoices for and then either leaving the rest of the stuff not posted or posting it to a suspense account so you could actually get a LIST of the things that needed to be looked for, she blithefully went ahead and MADE STUFF UP!!! Uh lady. That's a great way to get arrested for falsifying records!

So now because nothing is detailed i can't even BEGIN to make sense of it. I'm going to have to back out all the stuff she made up and post it PROPERLY so i can at least see what i need to ask her clients for.


I don't get it. This seems to be a common thing. People can't or won't sit down and actually THINK about what's in front of them. And work things out systematically.
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THUD! I iz ded but at least it's 95% finished. I just need to print out the year end, punch the numbers into the tax program and print out the returns

That can wait for another day. I think I will take the rest of today off and wrap it up over the weekend.

Now off to snore.
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Still working working working. I was hoping to finish today but it looks like it will be in the morning. I think I'm going to work straight through and go to bed when I've finished the year end review as well. I only have a little bit of petty cash to post and then I can start going over everything and making adjustments.
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Well, I'm back to work. The last week I've just been kinda floating along not really doing anything. Not that there wasn't stuff to do, it's just that it didn't have a deadline to it. Also I think I was a bit blah and so the lack of desire to do anything. But I picked up a bunch of stuff from a couple of clients on Sunday as mentioned, and I've been slowly working my way through it the last couple of days.

There isn't a huge amount; it's mostly just double checking to make sure everything is posted and balanced. My goal is to get done by Thursday so that I have Friday free. We'll see how it goes.
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One... my boss got audited. They've only looked at one year at the moment but so far the ruling is that I am an employee not a subcontract labourer as she has been foisting me off for so many years. Right now they're saying as of June, she has to take deductions from me, which means I probably will be making even LESS than I normally do because I don't imagine she is going to bump my salary to compensate me for the deductions. They have not yet decided if they're going to make it retroactive to the beginning of the year.

I'm not sure how am I going to handle this as normally there is a two week hold on my hours. So for example on June 15, 2011, I will give her an invoice for the hours I worked from May 16, 2011 to May 31, 2011. So does that count as hours that fall under payroll or not? I feel like what I should do is take my next two work days to tidy up my desk and then quit. If I get put on payroll without a rate increase, it means that I'll effectively be working 8hrs and getting paid for 7hrs.

Two... The client that wanted her to do her 2010 taxes had sent a USB key with her year end on it. I uploaded it to my boss' computer last Friday. Today she just started working on it and before I had come into work, she couldn't get the file to open. I got there and the file opened fine. So when I was getting ready to leave today she was all I hope this file opens next time I go to try otherwise you'll be getting a panicked call over the weekend. And I kinda said, well it won't do any good to call me on the weekend because I won't be able to do anything about it. And then I left.

I mean honestly, if she thinks I'm going to RUSH TO HER HOUSE ON MY WEEKEND to deal with her computer problems after the way she treated me, she's more of a moron than I thought. I'm tempted to email the client in case she tries to blame me for how long it takes to finish the lady's stuff.
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Soooo, the latest in the on going drama is that she's going to take her business with her. Supposedly, she'll hire someone over there to work with the understanding that they'll buy the business in two or three years.

Excuse me while I laugh! HA HA HA!

It will be interesting to see if she will a) pay a high enough wage to actually get someone to work for her. Right now it sounds like her plan is to contact the community college there and canvas accounting graduates. I'm doubtful that anyone coming out of an accounting program will settle for working for 14 dollars an hour.

b) Reduce her price. Unless whomever she hires is an idiot, they will be able to clearly see that the business is not worth 50,000. Unless of course she does a better job of lying than she did with me. Or she lets those high paying clients go at the end of two or three years.

This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. I had intended to finish off the client I was working on as I know from personal experience how annoying it is to come into a project following after someone else. But right now, the way she handled this whole issue, I feel like just quitting as of yesterday.

When we had our final discussion about the business, I had asked her if she was willing to wait a couple of years while I paid off my debt and built up my savings again so that I could purchase a few of the clients at a reduced rate and she said no, she wanted to retire right away. And now she's going to give some stranger the two or three years she couldn't give me. It seems when I think I can't get any more disappointed and outraged at her treatment she goes the extra mile.

How nice.
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Below is an excerpt from an email she sent the client who gave her heck for trying to get out of doing her 2010 taxes.

I just looked back at your email file and realize that you have contacted me several times. I was not aware that you had phoned or emailed until this most recent message. I was away for 3 weeks at the beginning of May and before that I have had some temporary staff which has obviously not worked well in terms of communication. I am in a difficult position because Judy has cut her hours back to 2 days a week because of family issues.

WHAT A BIG FAT LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, this is NOT the first time she's heard of these emails or phone calls. Secondly, there IS no temporary help. Thirdly, I did NOT cut my hours back to two days a week. I WAS willing to work from home and she said no. So now I come in three days a week and I work on my own clients the other two days.

If I wasn't in the middle of trying to finish off someone's year end, today I would have gotten up and walked out and NEVER came back.

I'm like beyond hulk angry right now.
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So now that my boss wants to leave YESTERDAY, she's being even MORE shitty to her clients than usual.

How Shitty Is She? )

I'm so glad that regardless of whether she leaves or not, I only have four months left.

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and a few more ha ha has!

So! Five years ago, back when I had money and hardly any debt, I approached my boss to ask about acquiring a few of her clients. I only wanted ten and my boss' response was HELL NO! IT'S ALL OR NOTHING BABY!

So fine. I said gimme some info and I'll think about it.

Late last year, when I had no money and lots of debt, she finally coughed up financial statements. Upon perusing them, it was my turn to be all HELL NO!, which I neatly documented in twelve pages that I'm still ever so proud of!

This brings us to TODAY! Today, my boss says to me... I hate living here! I wanna retire LIKE RIGHT NOW! You wanna buy a few clients?????

Amazingly enough, I did not fall off my chair laughing. I just said.... Nope. No money remember? At which my boss was all... well I'd take small payments over time! I again said no.

So now, because she's desperate to move, it sounds like she's going to leave her other clients high and dry, not even bothering to finish out their year. Nice. Real nice.

The really hilarious thing about this whole thing is she COULD have had 30,000 over five years interest free. Instead she wanted 50,000 over three years at twelve percent interest. And now she'll get nothing and one of the big clients that she's taking with her is planning to revamp their structure in the next year or so, which will reduce the amount of work they'll generate. Though I will not be surprised if she keeps charging the same amount anyway.

It'll be interesting to see what she does with the other clients. I mean, she SHOULD be giving them notice so that they have time to find another bookkeeper, especially since she's not going to finish off their year end data work. But knowing her, she'll send them a letter a week before she's planning to move.
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If I lived in a sci fi movie, my boss would have been dead today because I would have KILLED HER WITH MY MIND!

I phoned her to say I was coming by to pick up some stuff since she'd given me the wrong tax disk and I'm trying to do some work from home. The first thing out of her mouth was omgosh i'm soooo stressed.... my daughter just called to say we're in the BC interior and if you can come up here before Saturday you can ride back to Alberta with us! And instead of my boss saying gee I'm sorry but Judith's mom just got out of the hospital and she's only working a little bit because she's looking after her mom so i really can't get away, she says SURE! And THEN she starts babbling to me about how much money she'll save by going to meet her daughter and oh by the way could I do two more tax returns so that she can do that?????

I was seething by the time i got off the phone.
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Okay, yes. It's too early for the Ides of March but whatever! IT'S MARCH!!!! In three weeks it will be Spring! I hope. Considering the amount of snow we got at the end February, I'll believe it when I see it.

So! An update since I haven't posted anything since January 27th.

To The Update! )
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Anyway... The day wasn't too horrible. My boss mostly kept to herself. Patting her own back like actually working for a change was a huge accomplishment. Though... I suppose for her it is.

My co-worker was nominally annoying though the fact she has no brain will never cease to frustrate me. I mean seriously.... she asked me what expense to put a parking stub to. Uhh.. PARKING PERHAPS!?!? Just a guess. Bah.

Had another interview. Was supposed to interview two people but the other one got stuck at work. I can so sympathize. Anyway, this whole co-op thing has been mostly frustrating but it's also been interesting too. Its not often you get to see bureaucracy up close and personal. There are so many gaps and duplications and shades of meaning that it's amazing anything ever gets done. Honestly, I'm thinking no wonder politicians go corrupt. It's easier to do that than to try to fix the damn system.

For example, take this issue of the committee having to approve applicants before their names go to the board. On our checklist it says recommend applicant to the Board. Now in my mind if I recommend someone, it means I approve of them. Apparently, that's not the case. The applications of the people we interviewed last week got sent back to us with a note saying they needed to be recommended and approved. Oy vay.

Personally, I don't think it should be our job to approve people. There is information that only Board has access to. And the Board also knows the direction they want to take the co-op in. It makes no sense to me to have us waste our time approving people that may in fact not even meet the requirements of the governing body. If the Board has the final say in all decisions, then they should make the damn decision themselves.
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So I wasted about 90% of my day fixing the screw up my co-worker made with a client's file. And helping her with another client. I give up. I just don't care any more. If my stuff ends up being late because I'm busy helping everyone else, so be it.

Annoyed )

But now I'm home and I have food so I'm happy again.
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1. I know I've babbled about this before but honestly, it would be LESS mortifying to go around half naked than to try to clothe your body in a stupid gown that fits neither your body size nor your body shape. At least they got rid of the ridiculous paper gowns.

Oh, I guess I should mention I was there for a chest xray and nothing horrible. Though, frankly the whole thing was horrible :D

2. My boss - I'm not even going to go into any details. Just assume more moronic behaviour and move on.

3. USB Keys - I bought one finally. And I wanted to put something on it since they give you this handy little bar thing to loop something around. However, it is not handy at all. I spent two minutes trying to get the piece of string I wanted to use through the stupid gap. I think I shall have to resort to tying the string to a piece of thread and pulling it through that way.

And don't get me started about getting it out of the package. That's an annoyance of a higher level.
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Or maybe it's a demon.

Whatever it is, my boss definitely must have SOMETHING looking out for her.

Accounting Drama! )

So like I said, something or someone is watching over her.
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Last night, before I left, I wrote my boss a note in big print telling her don't feed the dogs, they've already been fed. I also said you have an 11am appointment with your chiropractor and an 11:30am appointment with your masseuse. I stuck it to the TV and then I left.

Normally what happens when she gets home from the airport she'll call me and blah blah and I'll be like GROOOOOOOAN! LEAVE ME ALONE! AM OFF THE CLOCK!!! She didn't do that this time and for a nano second I thought, I wonder if I should call and make sure she got the.. NAAAAAAH! So, I didn't.

This morning I came in at 10:05 because I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. SHE'S STILL IN BED!!! I'm like... So! I see you didn't read my note!

My boss: *groggily* Well I glanced at it.

Me: So, you didn't see you have an 11am with your chiropractor and an 11:30am with your masseuse then.

Boss: *!?!^%@#%%@@!!!! *leaps out of bed and rushes to the bathroom to get ready*

Me: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
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Since I only got two and a half hours sleep last night, I figure if I can stay up until at LEAST 9pm, it should get me back on track for sleeping.

In other news, went over to see the co-op coordinator around 8:15am. Was there for an hour. Brought her up-to-date all the applications and my intent to create a schedule. We talked a bit about how to handle the loud mouth boobs. We both hoped that the Board would step in and just disolved the Committee since I really don't want to have be a referee.

Was about 9:30 by the time I got back to my boss' place. I made myself breakfast and ate it at a leisurely pace. Then from about 11am to 1:30pm, I did the reference checks for the first two applicants we interviewed. Walked back over to the Co-op office and dropped that information off and walked down to the post office. Dropped off the office mail. Walked back. There's my exercise for the day.

From 2:30 - 4:30, I did actual work work! Amazing.

From 4:30 - 5:30 I emailed all the two bedroom applicants I have on file. Will schedule interviews as I hear back from them.

5:30 - current The cleaning lady came over so I cleaned up a bit. That always cracks me up that you have to clean up for your cleaning lady. Right now I am sitting around.

I plan to sit around until I fall asleep.

That is my plan and it is mine and I am proud of it.
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So this day has been annoying and productive in equal measures.

I had to spend TWO HOURS helping my co-worker because she is an idiot. Either that or she wants to keep her brain brand spanking new and has decided to never ever use it. Honestly, if I was the boss, I would have fired her ass AGES ago.

I do not care HOW fast someone is... If then you have to spend ten hours fixing their mistakes.... that instantly puts their speed into the NEGATIVE stratosphere!

I know I've said it before but honestly, I just don't get it! I mean she's been working for us for over seven years! I don't understand HOW IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SHE CAN'T RETAIN EVEN ONE JOT! ONE SPECK! ONE TITTLE! of what she needs to remember so that she doesn't have to BOTHER ME EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY! I honestly believe that she's doing it deliberately, if there is such at thing as consciously refusing to absorb information. *shakes head*

Alternately! Today I was able to get two more people interviewed, so now I have a total of four names to put forward to the board who meets tomorrow night. The only sticking point is trying to get a hold of their references. Will have to see how that goes.

Next month I'm going to start scheduling the interviews for the three bedroom units. It's just insane that some of these applications have been sitting in the file for like THREE YEARS with nothing being done with them. Like WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would want to WAIT until you actually HAD a vacancy before working on the interviews?????

No one! Only a crazy person would think that's a reasonable way to go.
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So! Didn't get to bed until 4am last night. My own fault this time. Had some stuff that absolutely needed to get finished and I had anticipated being able to do some on Saturday and finish the rest off at a proper hour on Sunday.

Sadly it did not work out that way. Naturally. You would think I would know better by now. Whenever I say, oh! this won't take very long! It ends up taking forever and a day.

I ended up getting up briefly to let the dogs out and to tell my co-worker what to work on and then I went back to bed. I slept until about 3pm. So I feel not too bad but I missed the mail deposit. Oh well, the thing would have probably be slightly late anyway. Now it will just be a day late instead. We'll see what comes of it.

In other news, I have an emergency Membership Committee meeting this evening. Bah. I'm hoping that I can get one other person for interviews. That way I won't have to do interviews. I'll either get to go home or I will stay and update some of the paperwork.
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Today I got up at 9am, made breakfast for the dogs, made breakfast for myself. That was the end of the peace.

10am the phone started ringing and has not stopped. I ate breakfast at 11am in between answering phone calls. Not happy.

Haven't been able to get a hold of my mother, who is supposed to be going with me to a doctor's appointment I have in three hours. Really not happy.

Then tonight I have a co-op meeting. VERY NOT HAPPY!

This day can not end soon enough.

Bah to the power of infinity.

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