Feb. 2nd, 2012

wolfsbride: (logan cartoon)
You know, sometimes I wonder if the unemployment rate has more to do with people being idiots, than a lack of jobs.

I picked up some stuff from a lady yesterday who wanted to save money by doing her own data entry. Apparently, she's been doing her own books for eight years but now she's getting kinda tired of it. Fair enough. Whatever.

I crack it open today. Okay, things look pretty good. A few things need tidying up but that's year end tidying so that's kinda my job. Then I get to her Receivables and her Bank. OMG!

Instead of entering JUST what she had invoices for and then either leaving the rest of the stuff not posted or posting it to a suspense account so you could actually get a LIST of the things that needed to be looked for, she blithefully went ahead and MADE STUFF UP!!! Uh lady. That's a great way to get arrested for falsifying records!

So now because nothing is detailed i can't even BEGIN to make sense of it. I'm going to have to back out all the stuff she made up and post it PROPERLY so i can at least see what i need to ask her clients for.


I don't get it. This seems to be a common thing. People can't or won't sit down and actually THINK about what's in front of them. And work things out systematically.

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