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Today I watched the Pilot of a new TV Series based on Sherlock Holmes. Will have to watch it again as I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing.

List of things I am uncertain about:

1. It is set in modern day. I've never considered myself a purist but there's a certain ambiance about period costumes.

2. Sherlock Holmes himself. The actor playing him looks like he's 12. Can someone tell me if there's a certain age past which EVERYONE looks like they're 12??? I've noticed this phenomena in the real world as well. The last time I was in emergency, I actually asked the technician they sent around to take blood if she was old enough to operate a syringe. She laughed but I was serious.

I guess it's just I have preconceived notions about how the characters look. I imagine Holmes and Watson to be close in age. In this incarnation however, it's seems like Holmes is much younger. It's weird. That said, the characters work well together. And the fact that I'm willing to watch it again speaks well of the acting and the plot so I'm hopeful that I will over come the weirdness in time

3. The direction. I hate it. The director seems have a thing for weird shifts and twirling panning and annoying scene changes. Or the camera man is a drunk. I suppose such things are considered cutting edge and artsy. Whatever. It just makes me dizzy and irritated. It's a credit to both the show's actors and it's plot that I didn't throw the episode out the window.

Higher praise can not be given.

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