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After a two hour battle, I finally got the white plastic trellis thing down. It took me about an hour just to get the bloody nails out. They had rusted over the two years the damn thing's been nailed up. I had to hammer and yank and hammer and yank and hammer and yank and rock and all manner of ridiculousness just to get them loose enough to pry them out of the wooden frame they were nailed too.

Then after that I had to get the vine out. After so much time, the vine and the trellis were like mated for life. I ended up not only hacking the vine to pieces to try and worm it out of the trellis slats, but I also ended up having to hack the trellis to bits as well. Damn but my pruners are sharp. Probably not meant to cut plastic but they did a fine job of it.

So now that's done. I raked up all the vine bits and dug up some weeds and watered all the potted plants and put the trellis remains in a garbage bag and then I had to come in and get something to eat. And now I'm X_x. I still need to go out later and put away the hose and weed bag and such but I was just too exhausted to deal with it.

I still have the wooden trellis frame to take down but I am NOT doing it today. Firstly, I'm bushed. And secondly, I suspect it's going to be a two person job. I'm pretty sure that once I take out the nail in one corner the whole thing is going to swing crazily to the side. I'll need to find someone who can hold it up while I take the nails out of both corners and then together we can lower it to the ground.

Tell me again why I why I started this?????

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