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For parents everywhere! Both biological and non.

Oh man. Imagine holding two fifteen pound bags of flour, one in each arm. Now imagine holding them for pretty much two hours solid. Now imagine that somehow, perhaps through the magic of radioactive mutation, the two bags of flour are sobbing and screaming and drooling all over the place off and on for those two hours.

That's how my day went.

As you may have now guessed, I've been moved to nursery. It was my first official day there and we had two poor kids that were also having their first time there. So we have the big ole separation anxiety thing happening. Now normally what happens is that when kids start crying people immediately rush them off to their parents.

Yeah. THAT works. They never learn to let go of mom or dad if you do that. So, because the other poor helper was busy with three other kids, I decided that you know what... I've been peed on and pooped on, what's a little snot between friends. And I walked them and sang to them and rocked them for two hours. And every once in a while they'd forget that mom wasn't there and we'd get to play for five minutes or eat a little and then someone would walk by the doors or the other leader would have to go out to get something and that'd set them off again.

By the end of it my arms were and still are like noodles, but they made it through and it probably won't be so hard next week. They'll probably only cry for one hour fifty five minutes :D

Also, they didn't want to go back to their parents afterward, which was kinda amusing and sweet. And one of the little bit older boys, who is usually quite aggressive and difficult to other people, saw me walking them up and down in the room and after everyone had gone he came over and started talking to me, proving that the Beatles were indeed right, all you need is love.

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