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I wasn't going to garden today. I was going to lie in bed and sleep. HAHAHAH! Yeah right.


From 11AM - 4PM

- I weeded out the bit by the living room and bedroom windows.
- I watered all the potted plants.
- I watered the potted shrubs around the office next door to me since they looked so sad.
- I watered the maple and the two huge potted pine whatsits in big patch.
- I deadheaded my black planter box and the pot by the patio door.
- I gently pruned my lilac and plucked off all its infected leaves. Let's hope that takes care of Mr. Leaf Miner.


From 5PM - 10:15PM

- I watered everything else. This involves getting up every hour to move the hose from one place to another. Kinda annoying. Especially since my hose apparently harbours great hate for me and constantly tries to kill me by strangulation. Failing that, it tries to bludgeon me to death when I try to wind it up after I'm done with it. I have no idea.

When I went out at 10:15 to turn off the water, guess who I encountered! Mr. Stripped Kitty! Luckily, it was opening the patio door that startled him and not me coming up behind him. He darted off as soon as the door slid open. He looked like a junvenile. I'm a bit concerned as he was checking out the underside of the hydrangea bush. Not sure if he was thinking to make a nest in the corner behind the bush or if he was just thirsty and was looking to get a drink.

At least now I know why there's is quite often the smell of skunk in the air at night.

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