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- I got a proper holder for my hose. A neighbour came over with her electric drill and put it up for me. It's a handy thing as it has a built in compartment to keep bits and bobs. I put my garden gloves there. Now I won't have to look all over for them.

- Finally started weeding out the last corner of the bit under the bed room window.

- Have decided to cut down the climbing vine as it looks a mess right now. Won't dig it up, just cut it back and see if it grows back a bit healthier looking.

- Tied up the daisies as they keep keeling over. Once they finish blooming - if they ever get around to it - will chop them back so they're not so tall for next year.

- I let my boss take the peony blossoms as they made the plant so top heavy they were lying on the ground. I really must find something large to hold the plant up better. Or conversely, cut the plant back so the thing that's there now actually works.

Have decided to dig up the two yucca plants by the hydrangea bush. They like more sun than they're getting in the shadow of the hydrangea. Will move them to the front. Hopefully, the move won't traumatize them too much.

- Saw a robin in my big patch today. I guess digging up the weeds stirred up a lot of bugs. He looked happy. I didn't realize how big robins were.

- Lastly, where is summer???? It was FREEZING today.

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