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I should have taken some but meh.

- 90% of the buds on my climbing rose bloomed. I really wish I'd gotten a shot of it when they were at their peak.

- My peony bloomed while I wasn't looking, the sneaky thing! I really need to find something to prop it up with. The blossoms are so huge the poor plant is practically lying on the ground.

- My regular rose bush put out one bud that's now bloomed. Don't know if it'll do any more. It seems to be concentrating on putting out leaves.

- The Shasta Daisies are still standing around doing nothing like a bunch of high school kids hanging out in the smoke pit. If they don't bloom soon, I'm going to go off with their heads >_<

- Moved the bird bath from the bedroom window side to the living room window side. I still think it's too close to the house but my neighbour says the lady that lived here before got lots of birds. I think that's because she fed them and we're not supposed to but we'll see I guess.

- Took the moss and dirt out of the two hanging frames on the wall by the living room window. My neighbour is thinking pots to replace them. We'll see if that works.

- Did a little weeding of the big patch. Not as much as I had intended. Got side tracked by all this other stuff and by the time that was done, I'd used up all my energy. Next time I suppose.

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