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What is it about fan fiction that makes authors think it absolves them of using proper grammar and punctuation? Is it that it's not formally published? That they're not getting paid? I don't know, but I can not tell you how many times I've come across a story with author's notes containing a belligerent not betaed/contains spelling and/or grammar errors and if you don't like it you can read something else!

I always do as instructed and toddle off to find something better.

However, it does annoy me. Mostly because I'm of the weird opinion of if you're going to inflict something on someone, you should give your best. And I must confess I just don't understand the mentality behind it. I guess these particular writers don't care if the stuff they read is full of errors so they think it's okay to foist such work off on others.

I don't know. I suppose the Internet is seen as one giant diary. If you're scribbling down your fanciful whims, you don't self edit. But considering it's a giant diary being read by all sorts of people, it'd be nice if you did.
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Why do people insist on ranting and raving about how the book was much better than the movie? They're two completely different mediums. A book has the capacity to explore things in details that a movie can't unless you want to make it a ten hour slog. It's called pacing. Reading a book is a different process than watching a movie even though they both involve the eyes. I think even if you filmed a movie exactly like the book, it still wouldn't have the same appeal.

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