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So... if you listen to me whine about things, you know that I'm on a committee and at the moment we're doing interviews. Our committee usually meets once a month and since our focus is now interviewing, I give everyone a list of interviews we have coming up for the month and ask for people who can be available to interview people.

Now. My issue is this. If you, as an interviewee, has put in an application for a unit and I contact you and say as part of the process I need you to come in for an interview at such and such a time on such and such a day, you, as the person who really wants to get a unit here, would make sure to take note of day and time and make sure to get thee hence to the said interview post haste.

Also, if you, as an interviewer has said sure I can help out on such and such a day at such and such a time, you would make sure to take note of said day and time and make sure to also get thyself hence to said interview post haste.

Thusly, if said day and said time should arrive and NEITHER interviewer NOR interviewee shows up, I, as the person who is organizing these matters gets MIGHTY irate because COME ON PEOPLE!!! I should not have to run around behind you, reminding you that YES, you do need to show up to be interviewed or that YES, you did promise to show up to interview.

I had two people scheduled to be interviewed tonight. Actually, I had three, but one of them canceled when they found out there wasn't a unit available at this point and time. As if we're going to wait until something is empty before we start doing things. That's the way the old chair worked; that's not my style, thank you very much.

Anyway, one of the people that was supposed to come, emailed the co-op office to whine, I spoke to someone last month about an interview and I haven't heard anything; I thought they were going to call and remind me. LIKE WHAT!??!? Am I your babysitter???? So needless to say, that person didn't show up. I'm undecided as to whether I should bother rescheduling her interview session. I suppose to be FAIR, I should. But I'm not feeling very charitable.

As to the OTHER side of the coin, only ONE person showed up to do the interviewing. So out of the five people that said they were available to help, one person showed up and one person phoned me to say they had to work late so sorry they wouldn't be able to make it. That's two out of five people.

*points up to subject line*

That is all.
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Okay, yes. It's too early for the Ides of March but whatever! IT'S MARCH!!!! In three weeks it will be Spring! I hope. Considering the amount of snow we got at the end February, I'll believe it when I see it.

So! An update since I haven't posted anything since January 27th.

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Anyway... The day wasn't too horrible. My boss mostly kept to herself. Patting her own back like actually working for a change was a huge accomplishment. Though... I suppose for her it is.

My co-worker was nominally annoying though the fact she has no brain will never cease to frustrate me. I mean seriously.... she asked me what expense to put a parking stub to. Uhh.. PARKING PERHAPS!?!? Just a guess. Bah.

Had another interview. Was supposed to interview two people but the other one got stuck at work. I can so sympathize. Anyway, this whole co-op thing has been mostly frustrating but it's also been interesting too. Its not often you get to see bureaucracy up close and personal. There are so many gaps and duplications and shades of meaning that it's amazing anything ever gets done. Honestly, I'm thinking no wonder politicians go corrupt. It's easier to do that than to try to fix the damn system.

For example, take this issue of the committee having to approve applicants before their names go to the board. On our checklist it says recommend applicant to the Board. Now in my mind if I recommend someone, it means I approve of them. Apparently, that's not the case. The applications of the people we interviewed last week got sent back to us with a note saying they needed to be recommended and approved. Oy vay.

Personally, I don't think it should be our job to approve people. There is information that only Board has access to. And the Board also knows the direction they want to take the co-op in. It makes no sense to me to have us waste our time approving people that may in fact not even meet the requirements of the governing body. If the Board has the final say in all decisions, then they should make the damn decision themselves.
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So I wasted about 90% of my day fixing the screw up my co-worker made with a client's file. And helping her with another client. I give up. I just don't care any more. If my stuff ends up being late because I'm busy helping everyone else, so be it.

Annoyed )

But now I'm home and I have food so I'm happy again.
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I think my number one annoyance has got to be bureaucracy.

At the beginning of January, the Coordinator of the Co-op advised me there would be a vacancy coming due, February 28, 2011. Fine, whatever. So then for the next two weeks, I and my team of interviewers ran around like crazy people, scrambling to get some people interviewed so that we would have names to give to the Board for their January meeting. I handed the people off; congratulated my teams on jobs well done and sat down to take a much needed breather.

WELL! The meeting was last Wednesday. I just heard back from the Coordinator today. Apparently the Board is all.. you know those people everyone just about killed themselves getting interviewed? Guess what! We didn't even get around to looking at them cuz we were busy doing other stuff. Oh, by the way. Can you interview a bunch more people because we just changes the rules and those other people may not actually qualify! kthxbye!

So now, I'm scrambling to pull together my interview ladies AGAIN!

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Since I only got two and a half hours sleep last night, I figure if I can stay up until at LEAST 9pm, it should get me back on track for sleeping.

In other news, went over to see the co-op coordinator around 8:15am. Was there for an hour. Brought her up-to-date all the applications and my intent to create a schedule. We talked a bit about how to handle the loud mouth boobs. We both hoped that the Board would step in and just disolved the Committee since I really don't want to have be a referee.

Was about 9:30 by the time I got back to my boss' place. I made myself breakfast and ate it at a leisurely pace. Then from about 11am to 1:30pm, I did the reference checks for the first two applicants we interviewed. Walked back over to the Co-op office and dropped that information off and walked down to the post office. Dropped off the office mail. Walked back. There's my exercise for the day.

From 2:30 - 4:30, I did actual work work! Amazing.

From 4:30 - 5:30 I emailed all the two bedroom applicants I have on file. Will schedule interviews as I hear back from them.

5:30 - current The cleaning lady came over so I cleaned up a bit. That always cracks me up that you have to clean up for your cleaning lady. Right now I am sitting around.

I plan to sit around until I fall asleep.

That is my plan and it is mine and I am proud of it.
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Apparently, it is possible for those two things to be mutually exclusive.

When I took over in May 2010, EVERYTHING WAS A MESS. I mean I knew were we behind on stuff as prior to taking over as chair, I was the secretary. However, it wasn't until I actually sat down and went through the files that I realized how totally screwed up everything was.

It seems that the prior chair was BIG on organizing things... and that was about it. I have applicants that have NEVER BEEN responded to by the prior chair. The co-ordinator would forward her an email or the applicant would write her a letter and it would stop at her. Nothing would ever get processed. I feel so bad for these people.

When I think of the hours and hours we spent in 2009 putting everything to spreadsheets.... My mind boggles. Instead of MAKING ONE MORE USELESS STEP, why not actually DEAL with the application form!

Gah! My only consolation is that at least NOW it will get dealt with. Now that I have my list, I can start assigning people tasks and hopefully in the next six months or so, we'll have everyone brought up to date and we'll know where we really stand.
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I AM DONE! \o/

I have gone through EVERY SINGLE application form - all 35 of them - and changed the stupid over blown useless check list to the more simple one page format. I now have a complete list of who is still interested; who needs to be contacted regarding interest; and who needs to be contacted regarding interviews.

If I drank, I would totally crack open the bottle of baby champagne my boss has in her closet :D

I was not able to get in touch with any of the references before or after we had the other two interviews, however, I will try again tomorrow... later today... and hopefully have SOMETHING to add to the applications before the board meeting.

I actually started sending out some emails re interest and interviews but I had some questions about the qualifying requirements so I'm going to touch base with the co-op coordinator about a couple of things before I go any further. I am hoping to go see her early... later?... this morning, assuming I can get out of bed :)

I am now going to go sleep the sleep of the JUST!

EDIT: For my friend who was all.. but why is the rum gone???? In other words, she couldn't comprehend WHY I would stay up until 4:30am.

It is because I just wanted to be DONE with the bloody mess! Every time I opened the damn membership box, it made my blood pressure go up. So now everything is neat and tidy and I know what needs to be done and all that's left is to assign the different tasks to people and then BEAT THEM ABOUT THE HEAD AND SHOULDERS until they complete their assignments :D
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So this day has been annoying and productive in equal measures.

I had to spend TWO HOURS helping my co-worker because she is an idiot. Either that or she wants to keep her brain brand spanking new and has decided to never ever use it. Honestly, if I was the boss, I would have fired her ass AGES ago.

I do not care HOW fast someone is... If then you have to spend ten hours fixing their mistakes.... that instantly puts their speed into the NEGATIVE stratosphere!

I know I've said it before but honestly, I just don't get it! I mean she's been working for us for over seven years! I don't understand HOW IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SHE CAN'T RETAIN EVEN ONE JOT! ONE SPECK! ONE TITTLE! of what she needs to remember so that she doesn't have to BOTHER ME EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY! I honestly believe that she's doing it deliberately, if there is such at thing as consciously refusing to absorb information. *shakes head*

Alternately! Today I was able to get two more people interviewed, so now I have a total of four names to put forward to the board who meets tomorrow night. The only sticking point is trying to get a hold of their references. Will have to see how that goes.

Next month I'm going to start scheduling the interviews for the three bedroom units. It's just insane that some of these applications have been sitting in the file for like THREE YEARS with nothing being done with them. Like WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would want to WAIT until you actually HAD a vacancy before working on the interviews?????

No one! Only a crazy person would think that's a reasonable way to go.
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So! I had hoped that the two loud mouth boobs from last Wednesday's meeting would not have come to this meeting but alas, I hoped in vain.

Again, they took up all the time and more. The poor interviewees actually ended up waiting for ten minutes because our half an hour meeting ran over. Even though I kept saying we need to move forward, they kept babbling on and on and ON!

Once we got them out of there though, the rest of the time went well. My interview teams interviewed while I did some of the other paper work. So in all we got a lot done.

We have two more interviews for tomorrow and then I think I'll schedule the others for next month. I don't want to burn out my teams, since it's the SAME four people all the time. However! I did get one member, our newest addition who sat in on an interview so she could see how it went, agree to help interview tomorrow, so whoo!

I love people who want to do stuff!
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So! Didn't get to bed until 4am last night. My own fault this time. Had some stuff that absolutely needed to get finished and I had anticipated being able to do some on Saturday and finish the rest off at a proper hour on Sunday.

Sadly it did not work out that way. Naturally. You would think I would know better by now. Whenever I say, oh! this won't take very long! It ends up taking forever and a day.

I ended up getting up briefly to let the dogs out and to tell my co-worker what to work on and then I went back to bed. I slept until about 3pm. So I feel not too bad but I missed the mail deposit. Oh well, the thing would have probably be slightly late anyway. Now it will just be a day late instead. We'll see what comes of it.

In other news, I have an emergency Membership Committee meeting this evening. Bah. I'm hoping that I can get one other person for interviews. That way I won't have to do interviews. I'll either get to go home or I will stay and update some of the paperwork.
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You know how in any committee you get the people that actually do stuff and then you get people that just complain? Well, sadly at tonight's meeting, one of the LOUDEST complainers we have in the Co-op, showed up. Sigh.

A meeting that should have taken half an hour at best to an hour at most, ended up taking TWO HOURS because she questioned every dotted i and every crossed t and ranted and raved and blah.

I came home and immediately sent an email to the Coordinator of our Co-op asking her how she wanted me to handle the situation. Basically, this lady has a hate on for our Coordinator so I thought it only fair to let her know that nefarious things concerning her were in the works.

Will have to see what sort of reply I get.

The Chinese may call 2011 the Year of the Rabbit, but I think I will call it the Year of the Ridiculous Drama or the Soap Opera Year for short.

Can we just fast forward to 2012 please?
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Today I got up at 9am, made breakfast for the dogs, made breakfast for myself. That was the end of the peace.

10am the phone started ringing and has not stopped. I ate breakfast at 11am in between answering phone calls. Not happy.

Haven't been able to get a hold of my mother, who is supposed to be going with me to a doctor's appointment I have in three hours. Really not happy.

Then tonight I have a co-op meeting. VERY NOT HAPPY!

This day can not end soon enough.

Bah to the power of infinity.
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Today I got an email from the coordinator of our co-op. There's another vacancy. Like what is this!?? That brings it up to four vacancies in four months. Insane.

I'm trying to remember if we have anyone available to fill it. Blah. It feels like this year has hit the ground running and has no intention of stopping. *kicks it*

In other news, I'm almost back to feeling okay again. Had a couple of weirdo moments but didn't have to lie down or anything. Toddled around the co-op again because I didn't feel confident enough to go for a proper walk away from home.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning.
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There's an old song that has a line - Clowns to the left of me! Jokers to the right! Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

That pretty much sums up my day, only I'm stuck in the middle by myself.

The deadline for paying your corporate tax is October 31st. You don't actually have to FILE your corporate tax until January 31st, 2011. But if you OWE, you have to pay what you owe by October 31st. Don't ask me why it's this way. I suspect it's because government bodies aren't happy until everyone is confused.

Anyway, I've been madly working away trying to get all the people I figure are going to owe finished so they don't get any penalties. The last person on my list dropped their stuff off yesterday and I sorted it out and thought okay... this is only three months of bank statements and three months of credit cards, no problem. Yeah I should have totally known better.

It was my intention today, to finish both the bank and the credit cards which would leave me tomorrow to review the year end and then talk to the client. WELL! How foolish of me to think that. Today I got two and a half months of the bank done. Why? I'll give you three guesses.

After work, I had to go out to a meeting. Our co-op is in the process of trying to fill a vacancy and we were having two sets of couples come to be interviewed. Last week at our meeting, I specifically told the people doing the interview, I will not be available so someone needs to come and get the keys from me on Monday. Fine. Someone did. Great.

Tonight I got home from my meeting to find two frantic messages on my machine. We can't find the interview questionnaire!!! The annoying thing about this is two fold. One, all our files are kept in a storage box with clearly labeled tabs. All they would have had to do was look in the box and flip through the tab. Two, one of the ladies that was doing the interviews made copies of the questionnaire and put them in the storage box herself. LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM!?!?

I have to phone tomorrow and find out what happened. If they found the interview sheet or if they sent the people away uninterviewed. I'm going to be very pissed off it's the latter because it looks very bad on the co-op but I refuse to be the one holding peoples' hands. Come on! Are we adults are what? Sheesh.
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So, I now have no credit card debt with this bank. What I have instead is a loan at a 2% less interest rate. Eh. Every little bit helps I guess. I don't THINK it'll make a big difference to my over all debt load since, like I mentioned before, the loan payment is actually the same as what I was paying before. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, it seems to be SLOWLY sinking into my boss' thick skull that she's going to have to start marketing her business to someone else. I've been telling her repeatedly since the beginning of this year, I'm neither willing nor able to proceed any further. When we left the bank this afternoon, she was all oh dear oh dear how are we going to work around this! Whatever lady.

The last avenue that I'm going to close off is the fact that I actually have an account at a credit union, which are kinda like bank lite. I'm pretty sure she's going to remember that and start blathering about making an appointment with them. At which point I will LIE LIKE A CHEAP RUG and say oh, did I forget to tell you!??!? I talked to them and they said no way. It's for a good cause.

Now on to this evening's meeting. We actually accomplished some stuff! But only because I did all the prep work before hand. *rolls eyes* And I get next month off! *rolls eyes some more* Like we have one bloody meeting a month. Why do we need to have time off? Ah well, we sent some letters out or we will once I go buy some stamps - *rolls eyes a third time* - so I guess we can call the month off turn around time waiting for responses.
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Well. I had my first meeting as chairperson. I was not impressed. In fact, I'm so pissed off right now, I'm ready to tell them to take the job and shove it.

Two things - TWO THINGS - was all I asked for when I agreed to the position. One, that the current chair stay on to train me, since I don't know anything about the policies and procedures etc. and two, that the committee members would help were needed.

Tonight, I had to FORCE someone else to be secretary. Like excuse me, I am NOT going to do both jobs, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! So much for helping out.

Also, the old chairperson was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Nice. The other lady, who has the next most experience, showed up late, which, fine, whatever. I understand about work schedules and what nots. BUT THEN SHE PROCEEDS TO KNOCK DOWN EVERYTHING I TRY TO DO, which just pissed me off even MORE because when the position for chair became available, she was the first person the old chair asked and she was all OH NO! I DON'T WANT TO DO IT!!! Then shut the hell up!

So consequently, we really got nothing accomplished at the meeting. Oh, we decided to send out letters to everyone. Whoopee.

I'm going to talk to the coordinator in the morning. If this is the way people are prepared to support me, I'll be resigning.
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So today was supposed to be my official day off, since I worked half the day on Tuesday. I had great plans to sleeeeeeeeep the day away. HAHAHHAH! Yeah, whatever. My stupid body woke up at 7am anyway.

Being that I was up and having spent half the night working on some thoughts and ideas for my new position of Chair, I decided to go see our coordinator and get her input. She was most helpful and I came back and added a few more things. I finally fell asleep in front of my computer at 2pm. I slept until 6pm.

Not much of a day off.
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I don't know if anyone remembers from last year, but I'm on a committee at my co-op. I take the minutes for the meetings. Six months ago, the current chairperson gave notice that she would be resigning. The six months were up this month. Guess who's the new chairperson.

We'll see how it goes. I accepted the position because no one else wanted to, but I made sure to let the committee members know that I would not be continuing in the post if I did not get any support from them. So it may be a short tenure.
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Yeah right. When I took on the job of Committee secretary that's what they told me. They neglected to mention the hour spent revising the minutes so that the language was all jargonized and the fifteen minutes to deliver the stuff to commitee members and the hours spent at the beginning of the year to put together reports to go to the board of directors.

Yeah, one day a month. They must mean twenty four hours.

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