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Well... Here we are yet again. As the year draws to a close, I look back at what I had written at the end of 2011.

So to sum up. 2011 - I'm glad to see the back of you! Bring it on 2012!

Clearly, I shouldn't have been so forceful.

2012 has been... interesting... as the old curse goes. In some ways it was better... I was able to force my the system's hand and get mom into a care facility. In some ways it was worse... my rent got totally screwed up due to several bounced cheques and I now have to hand deliver each month's rent to the office which makes it a huge hassle.

So... We'll have to see how 2013 goes.

I've picked up a little extra work. Hopefully it'll become permanent. I haven't dropped dead, which is quite surprising since I haven't been able to afford any of my meds for about seven months now. I haven't gained any weight this year, probably because I can't usually afford food.

On the down side, I'm still no further ahead with ma's thing. I've decided that I'm going to have to syphon off some of my own practically non existant cash and just pay for a lawyer. I've had no luck with any of the free services I've been put in touch with. And I'll have to look into ways to drum up some more clients. unless the extra work becomes full time.

So here's to the end of 2012 and the front of 2013. See you all next year.
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Oh my gosh! Are we here already??? We must be. Wow.

Okay, all silliness aside, let us now take stock of the year. Having lived through the last 365 days, I can honestly say that for me, 2011 SUCKED!!!

Let me count the ways...

One Thousand and One...  )
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Haven't we been here before???

If the text seems familiar it's because of two things:

1. I'm boring

2. I'm plagiarizing myself! That's allowed!

So! At the beginning of the year, I posted some resolutions!

Okay! Time for the Standard New Year's Procedure. Since I'm lazy, I'm just going to reuse last year's format. If it ain't broke, why fix it. And so, for the fabulously even year of 2010, the list will be thus:

1. Physical - Build on what I accomplished in 2009 and improve on my health even more. This year I will add a bit of exercise to the program.

2. Creative - Expand on what I accomplished in 2009, either by revisiting the things I scribbled and embellishing them or finding a way to make the writing process itself less of a trauma.

3. Financial - Get back into the habit of saving money and succeed this time! Also, I was asked expand on what will have a big impact on the financial front. So here it is. This is the year, theoretically, that my boss will retire. So, my options are: 1. Buy her business. 2. Start looking for a new job. Hence the need to get off my bum and do some planning.

4. Spiritual - Learn mediation and become more in touch with the worlds beyond. Hmm... How 'bout I start with getting in touch with myself, mmkay?

Now let's see how I did!

1. Physical - My health was not too bad amazingly enough. Especially considering I had to ration my blood pressure medicine. Being poor sucks. I only got one cold of note and that was around mid December. It developed into a chest infection and I ended up getting antibiotics on Wednesday. Hm... December seems to be a bad month for me with regards to colds.

On the exercise front, I have only this to say: HAHAHHHAHAHAHA! Surprisingly enough though, I didn't gain any weight. Weighed myself at the doctor and was stunned to find I had lost a pound. I was sure I would have gained ten pounds the way I've been scarfing down chocolate. Maybe his scale is broken.

2. Creative - :( NOTHING!!! I don't think anyway. This year has been very annoying in that I really haven't had time or energy to devote to much other than surviving.

3. Financial - :/ Blah. Did not save any money. Every time I tried something happened that I'd have to use the funds for. Double blah on the boss thing also. I'll probably babble about it in another post but suffice to say unless I win the lotto and my boss stops being a greedy bastard, the sale thing is a no go. Time to dust off the resume.

4. Spiritual - This was a bust again. Life is too busy and I suck at enforcing quiet time. I need someone to send me to time out!

In conclusion, again I was mostly pleased with my health situation. Any year I don't end up in emergency is a good year I say! In looking back though, I see that I failed to do any research about glaucoma. Bad me!

The rest of the year was a bust sadly but hey! If you don't have your health, nothing else matters. I still haven't decided if 2010 was better than 2009. On the plus side only one person died this year but on the minus side lots of other stuff kept cropping up. But out with the old and in with the new!

See you next year!
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So! At the beginning of the year, I posted some resolutions!

And so, as 2008 draws to a close and 2009 waits in the wings, I decided to broaden my range a bit. My resolutions are thusly broken into four categories.

1. Physical - Build on what I accomplished in 2008 and improve on my health even more. Possibly get of some of my multiple medications.

2. Creative - Make an concentrated effort to get back into my writing.

3. Financial - Get back into the habit of saving money.

4. Spiritual - Learn mediation and become more in touch with the worlds beyond.

Lets see how I did!

1. Physical - ALMOST made it through the year without getting a DEATH COLD. I got a few regular colds during the year but nothing that settled in my chest until the last two weeks of December. The time has been filled with annoying bouts of coughing, sneezing and breathing problems but have not as yet ended up in emergency because of it, so yay!

I firmly blame the flu shots I got on December 18th, as I was fine up until then >_< My sinuses are doing much better so I have been able to get off of my nasal steroids. Whoo! I did end up in emergency once this year but as it was NOT lung related, I'm counting this year a success!

2. Creative - Here are some numbers. January = 21, February = 16, March = 12, April = 6, May = 3, June = 2, July = 1, August = 2. For a grand total of 63 scribbles this year. So as much as I was not able to keep to my resolution to write every day, I certainly wrote more than I did in 2008.

3. Financial - Hm. Didn't really have much success with this one. Managed to save a bit but kept ending up having to dip into it.

4. Spiritual - Didn't even get to attempt this.

In conclusion! Was extremely pleased on the health front. There's the threat of glaucoma on the horizon but I shall worry about that when it becomes more concrete. In the meantime I will read up on the subject as all I know right know is it's some form of eye disease.

Was less pleased on the creative front but that's probably because my expectations were too high. Will have to consider how to modify this. There's some stuff coming up that will have a big impact on the financial front. Need to get off my ass and start planning for it. As to the spiritual, I still want to learn how to meditate. Or at least how to make my brain shut up.

So, once again the old year is almost up. I have to say I'm glad to see it go. It was not a great year on the personal front as three people died. I'm hoping the new year with all its potential will be less traumatic. And now I'm done.


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