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Why? I hear you not ask.

Well, my mission was to try to install some ancient drivers on a SUPER ANCIENT computer so that my friend would be able to run a slightly MORE ANCIENT printer so that she would then be able to print from an EQUALLY ANCIENT accounting program.

Adventures in Computing )

The whole thing took me an hour. It might have been faster except that every five minutes my friend kept going - what's happening? What does that mean? Why is it doing that? And other such questions.

People do not realize that I AM NOT A COMPUTER GEEK! My sole expertise with computers is being able to POKE THE DAMN THING TIL SOMETHING WORKS ALL THE WHILE HOPING I DON'T BREAK THE STUPID THING! That's it. If you want explanations: Ask Bill Gates.
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Well, the Function +F5 thing didn't work sadly. Boo. The whole thing is very strange. It actually loads the splash page onto the second monitor but it never goes past that. And the other thing I noticed is that, on the laptop monitor itself, it will load the splash page and then go black. Which I find odd. If the monitor is broken, I would have thought it wouldn't show anything at all. I don't know.

I'm still hoping to delay the buying of a new laptop until at least the end of the year. Right now I'm using my boss' laptop since it's just sitting there doing nothing anyway. And I also have an older laptop at my mom's place. I think anyway. Knowing my mom, she's probably thrown it out or something. I'll have to get over there and see what's what. I think it just needs a power cord or something. I also have an old laptop here but right now it's useless as it keeps giving either an unmountable boot volume error or then it does some weird thing where it goes disk0 rdisk0 partion1 and a bunch of file names. If I leave it long enough like that, the monitor goes dark but it seems like the laptop is still on. Something else to figure out. If I'm very lucky, I'll be able to find the restore disks it came with, though I don't know if that would solve this particular problem.
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Whelp. My laptop has finally packed it in. Only it hasn't. The monitor has quit working. I'm pretty sure the rest of it is actually fine only I CAN NOT GET TO IT. I do have a second monitor that I did hook up to it, but sadly, I can't switch over to the secondary monitor. I think I need to tell the computer to switch to the other monitor, only because I CAN NOT SEE what's happening, I can't do anything.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them. I really don't want to spend the money on a new laptop, especially since this one isn't really broken broken. Sigh. One thing after another.

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