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So this was the last class in this series. This one generated by far the most discussion. The class actually ran over time.

Anyway, here's a list of what we covered and my thoughts.

1. The importance of early planning - They talked about talking about wills and estates and power of attorney as a family and making decisions now etc. which is all well and good if you're in a situation where your family is willing to deal with these issues in a timely manner. Yes, it solves a lot of problems but unfortunately, in my case, my mother was dead set against signing anything. She kept putting if off and off and well, you know how that worked out.

2. Personal planning tools - The had a check list of things that you need to be aware of which will be helpful if I ever get past the financial stage. They also talked about enduring power of attorney, representation agreements, committeship and advance directive. So at least now I actually understand what's involved in getting my mother declared non compos mentis if I have to go that far.

3. Safety issues - driving, wandering - what it says on the can. The driving isn't an issue for mom, thank goodness. But the wandering is. See other post. The Society offers a Wandering package which has a bracelet that's keyed into the police system. Again though, the problem might be would she wear it.

4. Navigating the System - This was most helpful! I now have a phone number I can call to get a case manager for my mom. Hopefully. Apparently, they are very understaffed. Surprise surprise. The wait time for a call back can be as much as six months. Lets hope I get lucky. I'm overdue.
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