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The fridge is hissing. I'm used to the fridge peeing but not hissing. Should I be worried? I think the noise is coming from motor in the freezer part of the fridge but it can also be heard when you open the fridge part as well. There's no leakage - yet - but I'm wondering if I should be doing something.
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I always forget how fleeting my energy level is. Today I had a list of things I wanted to get done. It's wasn't a huge list. It was thus:

1. Laundry
2. Vacuum
3. Tidy office

Of the three, I figured number 3 would be take the longest, possibly being completed over a few days as tidying the office involves going through massive amounts of junk and paper and deciding what to toss out and then trucking it down to the dumpster. So I was fully prepared to not get all the way through three today.


I barely made it through the laundry. And it wasn't like I had huge loads to do. Just the whole process of lugging it down to the laundry room and loading the machine and trucking down there to fold everything and lug it back totally killed me.

I had to lie down. And then I fell asleep.

My life! She iz so exciting.
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Okay! Can someone tell me please if designers just throw things together and call it a job well done or do they actually sit down and use the damn things they design? It would surprise me greatly to find out that it is the latter.

Today I went to buy a floor lamp. I've been meaning to buy one for ages but never seemed to have the time or be in the right place or whatever. So TODAY I set out specifically to get a lamp! And I did. And yea, the angels sang and I was happy.

On my way home with home with my new lamp, I was all.. Well I'll just put set up the new lamp and then I'll actually be able to see to do this and that, blithely thinking that I'd be done in plenty of time to do lots of other things. OH FOOL THAT I AM!!!

I got home. First... The battle to get the damn lamp out of the box. LIKE WHAT IS IT WITH COMPANIES AND PACKAGING????? I had to cut the box to pieces to get the lamp out... What the hell would have happened if I needed to return the damn thing?

Then the assembly. The main body of the lamp was fine. Took like thirty seconds. THE BASE HOWEVER!!! Excuse me, Designer Person, have you not heard of a small thing called GRAVITY?!?! In order to attach the body of the lamp to the base, you have to push the screws up from the bottom of the base through to the top of the base then into the body of the lamp. That's the stupidest set up I've ever come across. Naturally, the screws kept falling out because there was nothing holding them up.

It wouldn't have been so bad if they'd made the screws extra long but no, that would have been too sensible I suppose. I ended up having to tape the screws to the bottom of the base so that they would stay in place long enough for me to attach the rest of the lamp. It didn't help that the extension cord was threaded all the way through the body of the lamp so that you couldn't really move it around with out twisting everything into a god awful mess.

WHY!!! I have no idea. Idiots.

But at least I didn't break the damn lamp. Betcha there wouldn't have been any genies.
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*keels over*

Lugging things back and forth is annoying even though it's not a far way to go.

In other news, I'm in my own bed again.

I'm kinda bummed. The bed is kinda empty without the dog. No more heating pad between my shoulder blades. No more warm breath on the back of my neck. No more cold nose in my ear.

On the plus side! No more sleeping with a bed hog. No more being woken up by being jumped on. Though, tis better than an alarm clock.

I'm going to miss the walking companions. Mebbe I'll just borrow them.
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Finally got around to tidying the inside of my place instead of slaving over the garden. Actually mopped the kitchen floor if you can believe it. Amazing.

Equally amazing is the fact that I watched A Study in Pink yet again. On the third go around, I decided I really liked the cab driver. Also, was kinda bummed that we'll never find out about the other murders. Also, Inspector Lestrade's life is very hard. Poor man. Someone should buy him lots of coffee.
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Apparently I don't need a new vacuum. The reason I was not getting any suction was because I had something stuck in the nozzle. A friend was visiting and I was complaining about my vacuum about how I changed the bag once and then it stopped working. Quick as a wink, he sussed the problem out and fixed it.

So saved me 80 - 100 dollars. Whoo!
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So after church, I had to run up to the store because the stuff on Saturday took so long, I didn't get a chance to buy my plunger. So I walked there and walked back and plunged my toilet and cleaned the bathroom and then that snowballed into cleaning the living room and the kitchen and oh my gosh my feet hurt and I'm about to collapse.

Just goes to show you, only the boss gets to take a real day off.
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I think if I ever have the opportunity to buy my own house, there are two things that I'd put at the top of the list. Sockets and stairs.

The house I'm sitting in is big and lovely but omg the electrical outlets are totally ridiculous! If you're going to have huge rooms, it'd be nice not to have to have miles and miles of extension cords just so you can sit on your couch with your laptop. And I'd rather not have to climb Everest just to go upstairs.

A home shouldn't be something that belongs in a showroom.
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- Managed to vacuum the bathroom and clean the tub

- Had to vacuum the rest of the house again! It's like the dust migrates indoors. I expect to see tumble weeds shortly

- Put away the newspapers BEFORE they started to pile up. Will see how long I keep that up

- FINISHED the borrowed book! Whoo and hoo! I think I shall start over just for the pleasure of reading it again. Nothing better than lying in on a Saturday morning reading.
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- Actually finished sorting the recycling in time to put it out this morning. Amazing.

- Vacuumed! Huzzah! This had been needing doing for weeks. Did the hallway, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. The new vacuum is adequate. I don't like that I can't reverse the flow but eh, it was affordable.

Still need to do a lot of cleaning but at least now I can see the floor. Where does all this dust come from????
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- Dug up and pulled out some more weeds

- Watered both sides patches

- Got newspapers ready for recycling

- Got some of the cardboard and other paper stuff ready. Will have to finish tomorrow morning

- Bagged up pop bottles and cans

- Did a load of laundry and hung it around the house to dry

When I think about it as one huge job, it makes me go blah and I never do it. Today I did it in chunks and actually managed to put a dent in a couple of things. Let's see if I can apply that to cleaning the house.

Blah in advance.

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