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Egads! It will be the end of August in a couple of days. How did that happen??? It was just the other day I was saying good bye to the cubs and promising myself I'd learn some games and songs to do with them in September and now it's nearly SEPTEMBER?!?!!?

MEEP! MEEP! *runs around in circles and so forth*
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:(( I'm so sad! No more cubs!

Closing ceremonies was not what I had imagined though. They had invited the parents so I thought the parents got to participate but they didn't. Anyway, we had the usual warm up and grand howl stuff, and then Bageera, which is our Scout Supervisor, took over and split the boys into three groups. Then he gave each group a compass and some instructions and they were suppose to use the compass to find their way. It became clear after about five minutes that if this had been the woods, the boys would have been totally lost. The compass and instructions were SUPPOSED to take them across the gym, down the hall and into the cub room. He had to help them along.

Once we got to the cub room, we had the ceremonial lighting of the campfire, I say ceremonial because our camp is inside so.. not a real fire. Boo hoo. With the lights off though it looked okay. So then he led them in some songs, they got to do their skits, and then he read stories. And then we finished with the traditional KumBaYah.

And of course there was food.
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So we did the usual games and sang the smelly sneakers and Frankenstein song and the boys practised their skits.

Here are two of my favourites:

The Skits!!! )
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Tonight the cubs had to present the program themselves. They did fairly well with everything except for the lesson part. Naturally many many of them didn't bother to do their assignments. Akela made them contribute SOMETHING to the lesson anyway, so at least they didn't get an easy out.

Then we ate gummy worms and sang songs. As follows...

*sung to the tune of Clementine*

In a castle, on a mountain
Near the dark and murky Rhine
Dwelt a doctor, the concoctor
Of the monster, Frankenstein.

In a graveyard near the castle
Where the moon refused to shine
He dug for noses and for toeses
For his monster, Frankenstein.


*sung to the tune of Frere Jacques*

Worms and spiders, worms and spiders
Creep and crawl, creep and crawl
Put them in my pocket, put them in my pocket

*spoken, which for boys means yelled very loud* - OOOPS!

Squashed them all! Squashed them all!


*sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne*

Should old worn sneakers be thrown out
Or stink upon a shelf?
Should holey, moldy, gym socks walk
To the washer by themselves?

My smelly shoes, so torn and rank
How comf'table to me!
My gym socks match them perfectly
Let's my piggies wiggle free!
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It would be interesting to find out what percentage of people involved in cubs/scouts/ventures are women. I say if the percentage is more than 50, cub shirts should be made for both sexes. I HATE the fact that the buttons are left handed.

Like what is that all about anyway???? I kinda doubt men had to button their shirts while holding their spears/swords/guns/whatever. It's awkward and annoying and irritates me every time I get dressed for cubs. Weirdly it makes me feel marginalized. Like I'm working my ass off in the position and I can't even get a shirt that buttons sensibly. Come on people! Do away with the shackles of oppression! :D

If anyone can shed light on this whole men's shirts thing please do.

In other news, cubs was fun. Didn't really learn anything. Did games mostly. It's winding down I guess. June is our last month. Wow. Where did the time go?
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Boo hoo. I had to skip cubs tonight because the tax deadline is looming. Spent the time I would have been at cubs punching numbers. Not nearly as much fun. And I was really looking forward to Knots Part 2.
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Today we played Akela Says. Which is the same as Simon Says. Our boys are really good! It took Akela twenty minutes to get them down to one. And he does it fast too.

Then we learned knots. We started out with a square knot. Which is quite easy. And then he pulled out the big guns and got out a deck of cards with pictures of knots. I got stuck on the sheep shank. My brain was in knots. It didn't help that there was only one card per group, so half the time you're looking at it upside down or sideways or not at all, when someone runs away with it. It was made all the more annoying when one of the dads came in and was all that's EASY! You just do this! And this! And that! Viola! He didn't say viola but he implied it :D


Anyway, I think we're going to practice again next week. I wonder if the sheep shank was used to tie up sheep. Will have to look it up.

Also. Was beaten at badminton by a six year old. I should just give up now :D
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Today we had a face off. Younger boys against the older boys. The older boys are naturally bigger, but the younger boys outnumber them, so really they were pretty evenly matched with that handicap.

First, we had a tug of war. Twelve Cubs on one side and four Scouts on the other. It was back and forth for several minutes and probably would have continued on like that if Akela hadn't added a further handicap by lending his arm to the Cub side for a few tugs. It was amusing.

Then we had a skip off. One giant skipping rope and all Cubs skipping. Whoever tripped the rope was out until we were down to th last Cub. And then we did the same for the Scouts. The two that were left got to skip against each other. The youngest Scout won that one.

Then we had relay races. Akela handicapped the Scouts by making them start ten seconds later than the Cubs. It was tie. I think that was because even though the Scouts were starting later, the Cubs had more boys to run through.

All in all, it was a good night I'd say.
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Boy, I kinda feel sorry for the east side of Canada. And that new territory. What's its name :) I did pretty good with the rest of the questions.

And yes, it was cubs and that's the game we played. Kinda makes me wonder what they're teaching in schools though. At least I have the excuse of being out of school for donkey's ears.

On the plus side, they excelled in singing the anthem in English AND French! Chocolate bunnies for everyone!
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So in honour of Scout Week the cubs had an easy night tonight. They did games, the favourite being Wolf Tails and sang songs, including the Quarter Master Store and most importantly... THEY ATE TACOS!

Oh my gosh! I've never seen such small people stuff themselves so much. One boy ate three tacos, three cup cakes and three cream soda floats. Fun was had by all but I kinda shudder to think what their parents will be dealing with when they got the kids home.

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So! I actually remembered all the names of the boys that were there last week. Which was good because there were about twice as many more. So next week I'll have to see how I do.

Apparently next week is Scout week so we're going to be having tacos and floats and games I assume. I have to say this whole thing is definitely more fun this time around. Whoo!

OH! I also learned the Quarter Master Song. My life is complete.
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So, today I had cubs for the second time. I have to say it's much more fun this time around since I'm not in charge. I can actually enjoy the activities instead of having to supervise them. I suspect that will change a bit in the next weeks as my duties are formulated. I'm sure I'll be called to present at least part of the program which is fine since last time I was pretty much doing the whole thing by myself anyway.

The hard part will be remembering the boys' names. There are many many more than when I was in the program before. My name, however, will be easy to remember. I'm Louie :D

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