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Until my co-worker goes home. Seriously, today is as close as I've ever come to strangling her. I think it's because she's doing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER ANNOYING THINGS all at the same time. She's chattering like a lunatic AS WELL as constantly interrupting my work to ask stupid questions. I am contemplating taking Friday off just because I'm so mentally exhausted from having to deal with her.

I am also physically exhausted from running around dealing with my boss' plants. I have decided to tell her next time she's planning to go away, she needs to get someone else to come water them. It would be different if it was for a day or two, but she's been gone for two weeks and it's been incredibly hot so the potted plants needed watering every couple of days. It meant lugging a watering can back and forth for 12 trips. Considering the fact that she doesn't pay me extra for doing this, my goodwill toward men has been used up.

Also, today, my neighbour yelled at me for not watering my own plants. I have no idea why, but this particular person feels the pain of EVERY PLANT IN EXISTENCE. Okay so plants are living creatures but it's not like I was killing a dog or cat or something. Frankly, between watering my boss' plants and the shrubs by our office building, yes, I didn't have the energy to water my own. I figured, if they die, it's my own money I've wasted. Not so. Apparently, I shouldn't be gardening at all. Even though I've only missed watering them two days.

On top of all this, I woke up with a headache that has gotten progressively worse. I'm so surprised. Right now, I'm at the point where I want to just pack up all my stuff and get the hell out of Dodge. Will have to see how I feel tomorrow.
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