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There's a Native American story that goes something like this. Once upon a time the crow was the most wondrous of all the animals in the kingdom. He had beautiful plumage and an amazing singing voice. Because of this, he was prideful and went around lording his beauty and talent over the other animals. The other animals complained to the god of the kingdom and the god punished the crow by taking away his beautiful plumage and amazing singing voice. And that is why, from that day to this, crows are black and have such awful voices.

I'm thinking of crows at the moment because as I was outside gardening, there was a crow sitting at the top of one of the cedar trees cawing like mad. He was cawing to another crow I couldn't see but could definitely hear. It was the most dreadful cacophony. And that was just two of them. When they're in a huge group it's deafening.

Around the co-op, there are two crows to every unit. If you go out early enough, you can see each pair perched on opposite corners of the roof of each unit. I assume these pairs are sentinels. I imagine they report back the goings on to the head honcho. I figure that's what this morning was about.

While I was listening to them speak to each other as I continued on weeding, I wondered if perhaps they consider me part of their territory. I had the thought of the two of them reporting to the boss. Section 12Z secure sir! Two cedars, two rose bushes, three hostas, one black woman etc.

I can totally understand why Hitchcock modeled the birds in his film after crows. They're so intelligent it's scary. I don't believe it's chance that a group of crows is called a murder. I have seen them harangue birds much larger than themselves. In defense of their nests, I know that there have been reports of dogs, cats, small children and even adults been attacked. I myself have been dive bombed by two crows, sentinels presumably. They came close enough to pull my hair out of its clasp.

Forget don't go in the water. Don't go outside when the crows are restless.
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