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This is a long view of the stuff under my bedroom window. The spiky plant in the back is a yucca. You can't really tell because it's just green right now but in the foreground is a lilac and directly behind it is a hydrangea. The rest of the green stuff on the ground are weeds I have yet to dig out. You can see where I've been weeding in the foreground. The holes being where the bigger dandelion plants were.

In this picture is the barely top of the lilac, the top of the hydrangea and climbing the wall is... some kinda climbing vine :D I don't think it's a wisteria or a clematis. It might be a honey suckle but really, I have no idea. I may end up digging it out as its a mystery plant that doesn't have any flowers. Yet. Lastly, off to the right is my neighbour's pine tree. At least I think it's a pine of some description.

To the left is a picture of the edging stones I mentioned in an earlier post. You can see the start of the double row I was talking about. To the right is a picture of a giant frog :)

Directly behind the frog is a bird bath. It won't stay there as it's too close to the house for the birds to feel comfortable using it. The fact that it's neon blue may also perturb them. I know it perturbs me. I have no idea what my boss was thinking.
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