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So! Finally downloaded. My first impression of the episode was that the females in it rocked. Except for Molly I believe her name is. She's annoying in her silliness. I'm hoping they provide her with a backbone when the show makes more instalments. Will probably watch it a few more times as I did with the first one. Will see what else I think about it.
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So frustrating. Am anxious to see the next instalment in the Sherlock series but the file is downloading at a snail's pace. *taps claws* I hate waiting.
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Finally got around to tidying the inside of my place instead of slaving over the garden. Actually mopped the kitchen floor if you can believe it. Amazing.

Equally amazing is the fact that I watched A Study in Pink yet again. On the third go around, I decided I really liked the cab driver. Also, was kinda bummed that we'll never find out about the other murders. Also, Inspector Lestrade's life is very hard. Poor man. Someone should buy him lots of coffee.
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Today I was only going to do a bit of watering. Somehow watering turned into weeding. I have no idea.

Also, I watched Sherlock again. It was better the second time around. I didn't seem to notice the jerky camera movements as much. I've decided I quite like Mycroft, though he seems horribly prissy. Though what can you expect with a name like Mycroft I suppose. Poor Watson seems perpetually befuddled, probably due to his proximity with Sherlock. And I like the way Sherlock is boggled by the normality of everyone else's brains. Such a trial to be a genius.

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