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Okay, listen up you computer sales guys. Having two x chromosomes does not automatically make me an idiot.

I've spent the last two days helping an accountant friend tidy up his work computers. Today I phoned Future Shop to inquire whether they had printer cable adapters. I said to the guy I have a very old computer and a new printer. I would like to know if you have some sort of adapter that will allow a USB port printer to work with a parallel port computer. Oh sure, sure, he says.

I go there with my accountant friend to make sure he gets the right item. I get the guy I talked to on the phone and he's all yes, yes, I spoke with you earlier. And he takes us to this aisle and presents me with this package. I'm all yay until I look at it.

It is not what I want. It's made to attach a new computer to an old printer. I try to tell the guy this.

Me: Uhm. No. The ends are wrong. I need the USB end to attach to the printer. This USB end is made to attach to a computer.

Guy: *very patronizingly* You want to attach your computer to your printer don't you? Well this end goes....

Me: *cuts him off* I know where the ends go. That's why I'm telling you this is the opposite to what I need.

Guy: *again very patronizingly* Look. *points to one side of the package* This end goes...

***Fifteen seconds or so passes while we do this Abbot and Costello routine*

Fortunately, I had had the foresight to actually BRING the cables with me. So I pulled them out of the bag.

Me: No, you look. What I want is one end that looks like THIS, *shows him the end that goes to the printer*, and one end that looks like THIS, *shows him the end that goes to the computer.* Do you have something like that?

Guy: *still trying to shove the package at me* This is a USB...

Me: Yes but this USB end is made to fit a computer, is it not?

Guy: Yes.

Me: *waves the other end of my USB cable at him* Okay, well I need a USB end like THIS one. One that will fit a printer.

Guy: Oh. Oh. Oh I see. Your computer is OLDER than your Printer!

Me: Yessssssssssssss. *thinks - is that not what I said over the phone????*

Guy: Huh. That's a new one one me. Most people have new computers and old printers. Sorry, we don't have anything like that.

Me: Thank you SO much. *mutters under breath* - for wasting my time.

I really don't understand why salesmen just look at you and assume you know nothing. I mean sure, not everyone is a technological genius, but a proper salesperson shouldn't assume the customer is an idiot. That's no way to make a sale.

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