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So when I moved back in with my mom to help her after her hospital adventure, I discovered that she'd been using my old bedroom as a place to store stuff. I managed to clear out enough of the stuff that I could put some office equipment there and I've been using it as my office for the last little while.

However, there's also a bunch of my crap there as well and over the past few weeks I've been slowly whittling away at it since when I look at it as a whole I just go OMG! and run away :) That's been working pretty well. I can now actually see half the floor in the room.

The amusing thing is... I'm coming across stuff I HAD NO IDEA I OWNED. Like... A VHS/CASSETTE TAPE PLAYER!!! What is this mad genetic hybrid??!? I didn't even KNOW they made such things. I also came across an 28kbps modem.

My reaction... HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Oh technology you slay me. This is in addition to my mirth at earlier in the week, coming across a whole bunch of cassette tapes. At the time I was all HAHAHAHHA because I was doubtful that I even still OWNED a tape player. But LO! I do. Whoo!

Also earlier this week, I found a bunch of letters I had faxed to my friend in Japan while he was there teaching English. Yes, I faxed them. At the time it was cheaper than sending it by mail. The hilarious thing though is at the end of the last letter he sent to me, he wrote: 'you should really try this new thing called email. It's fantastic.' Again I died laughing. It's like having your own time capsule.

And now for the recycling part. Finding these things, while it's amusing, its also a bit of a pain because I now have to get rid of them. Fortunately, getting rid of electronics is fairly easy these days as there are some little places and a couple of big places you can drop them off.

My biggest beef is with the cardboard/container recycling. I think the City Recycling program really needs to crack down on the people in charge of packaging if they REALLY want people to recycle well. My pet peeves:

1. Labels that do not come off even when you soak them for days on end.

2. Cardboard and other types of packaging that you need an engineering degree to deconstruct. There was one box that I was trying to get apart that was taped, glued AND STAPLED. Like what the hell?????

Needless to say, after struggling with it for 15 minutes I got fed up, jumped up and down on it for several minutes to sort of make squish a bit and then threw it in the cardboard bin as is. The guy that dumps the bin can flatten it with his truck. Though I would not be surprised if the damn box took out the truck.

The most annoying culprit for bad packaging in my opinion is Staples. It's almost like they don't WANT you to use the product they make the packaging so evil. I have actually injured myself several times on the sharp edges of the packaging they used. I wonder if they've ever been sued.

Anyway, I think that a few adjustments to the packaging regulations would see a dramatic increase in the number of people that actually do recycle.

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