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I really should have known better than to START reading last night. I started at 11:30pm and oh, I was only going to read one chapter! And then I'd go to bed! Honest and for truly! 4am and eleven chapters later.... Yeah...

So now I'm almost finished. Wah. I hate it when a story is drawing to a close. Maybe I'll save it to finish next weekend.
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A real book! With pages! And a smell! Borrowed it from my friend. If I like it half as much as I think I will, I'll have to get my own copy.

Wow. It's been... probably three years since I've handled a book and ten years since I actively stopped reading books every day. I used to read books all the time. I used to buy new books every week. Then I got a new computer that was capable of Internet and suddenly all that changed.

I read the news on-line. I research stuff on-line. About the only time I physically handle reading material is when I go to the doctor's office. Then I read magazines or newspapers. I'd forgotten how nice it is to sit with a novel and feel the weight of it in your hand. Turning the pages instead of right arrowing or scrolling down.

It's like finding something you'd forgotten you lost.

EDIT: I've been reprimanded for not providing the name of book so here it is! It's Joust by Mercedes Lackey

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