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So! Today is the deadline for corporate tax, so I called a cab to go down to the tax office so I could drop everything off.

As I was waiting, I noticed a HUGE group of Robins, hopping and pecking and presumably eating. It was raining heavily so I imagine lots of goodies were easily accessible. It's just that I've never seen that many Robins at one time before. I'd always thought they were loners really. Then I wondered if perhaps they belonged to the same family as there were lots of little ones and only a couple of big ones. I couldn't see exactly how many there were but there were ten on the ground and at least another three to five in the trees. Weird.

OMG! With all the technology at our fingertips, can we not come up with a way to stop people from running out of bun when they eat a burger???? What is it? Do fast food places and restaurants deliberately buy too small buns or something??? I hate running of of bun. And it seems like it's always the top bun that disappears first. Most annoying.

On our way down to the tax centre we passed an accident. A very bad one from the look of the car. It looked like it either slipped or it clipped another car and flipped over the over the median, plowed through the dirt on the side of the road, rolled and ended up smashing into another median. For my Delta friends, it was either just before going over the Arthur Lang bridge or just after. We must have driven by a while after it happened though because there was only police and one fire rescue truck, no ambulance so I'm assuming the ambulance had come and gone already. Will have to check and see if they say anything on tonight's news.

I don't know what it is about bad weather that makes people drive like morons. Maybe it's the old joke, where the guy was pulled over for speeding and he told the cop he was in a hurry to get home so he didn't have an accident.

Also! Note to car dealers, if someone comes to buy a huge ass vehicle, you should make them park it before selling it to them. If they can't park it, they shouldn't be driving it. I stood outside the bank waiting for a cab to go home and I witnessed THREE drivers of huge ass vans, take up two parking spots, either because they can't park the damn thing, or they were too damn lazy or my favourite, they don't want their precious baby dinged. Whenever I see someone do that I'm immediately put in mind of this comic.

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