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Okay, I've been thinking some more on the subject. Clearly this really bothers me on a deep level for some reason.

Anyway, I've decided there are two other reasons I dislike this universe in addition to the one mentioned before.

1. The whole 'hey come help us with our big fat problem and your reward will be a kick in the head back to your own world' thing. Thanks for nothing. Like maybe the Narnians could try solving their own problems for a change. That would be novel. And then maybe they wouldn't get suckered in by every witch, wizard and idiot out there.

2. Aslan. I hate him with the fiery hate of a billion suns. He's the one that sends the kids away. Also, he's annoying from a technical stand point. He's a poor plot device - a deus ex machina, if you will. It's lazy writing and I hate it.
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Soo... Just watched Voyage of the Mouse and Boy... errr... Dawn Treader.

Throughly enjoyable even with the kinda boring Lucy side line. Loved Reepicheep. So handsome and dashing and gallant. Even loved Eustace's bratty bitchiness when really it should have been horribly annoying. Would definitely rewatch it....



Can I just say that I HATE CS Lewis for writing lovely stories and then kicking the characters out of their universe. I had this problem with the other two stories as well. Thanks Mr Lewis for ripping my heart in two. Thanks so very much.

It's weird. I mean I clearly remember reading some of these stories when I was a kid, but I don't remember having such a violently anti whatever feeling. Psychologically, it probably means something. Maybe I'm threatened by the idea of abandonment. Or maybe I just don't like twatty authors.

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