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Another appointment at the bank. Applied for a consolidation loan. I'll be really surprised if goes through but apparently this isn't a regular consolidation loan. It's under a section called the Health and Sickness Program. So if you've incurred debt due to being ill for an extended period, they'll help you. It's still based on your income but they have a bit more flexibility with the funds than the regular loan program. So I guess we'll see how it goes.
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Since I worked so much over tax time, I was able to pay off all my bills on my mid month pay cheque. So when I got my month end pay cheque all I had to pay out of it was my rent, so I have more than half of it left over. Plus I got some extra cash from Pharmacare. And today I got paid for some work I did for my ex boss over tax time.

So now I have almost fifteen hundred dollars in my savings account. And since CRA is going to keep the rest of my money, my GST is already paid. Or so they tell me anyway. Will have to follow up to make sure that's what they've actually done with the money. Oh! I should also be getting back eleven hundred dollars on my tax return. Which I will put into my savings account as well.

It's so nice to be able to start saving again.

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