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Between migraines and allergies and periods and life, I'm beat. Migraine and period have run their course. Allergy is still hanging on. Annoying. Should be sleeping but it's one of those nights where you can't turn off your brain. I have lots of stuff to do tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how much I get done.
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You know you take taxicabs a lot when the cab drivers squabble over who gets you as their fare; the dispatchers know you well enough to tell you jokes you actually find funny and you're the topic of conversation at company parties.
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* This post contains excessive exclamation marks and chipperness. Please proceed with caution.

I actually when out to lunch today! With a person that was not my mom! And I had a conversation with more than a few sentences repeated over and over and over! Whoo!

And then I came home and watched a movie! And a couple of TV shows! And now I'm going to read! And maybe even think some thoughts!

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I think that even ruder than people who don't know when to leave are people who don't know when to arrive.

Today one of my mom's friends came by the apartment at F****ING NINE in the morning. Not only did he interrupt my lie in with a nice book, the whole thing upset my mother because she couldn't remember how to ring him in from downstairs. Plus the fact that she had been, you know, SOUND ASLEEP BECAUSE IT WAS NINE AM!

And then he has the nerve to be all... Oh... You're not dressed, yet????

Uh. NO! BECAUSE WHERE I COME FROM IT'S NOT POLITE TO COME CALLING UNANNOUNCED!!! God, how I hate this! It would NEVER occur to me to just show up on someone's doorstep without first giving them prior notice. And I certainly wouldn't call the same day and expect them to rearrange their plans just for me.

I don't know what is wrong with people.
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Sigh. I was happy and now I'm not. Words are funny things. Easy to misinterpret even if you both speak the same language. Especially when the brain gets in the way.

Blah. I guess I'll go read something or something. Hopefully, I can stop thinking about it.
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My plan to sit and do nothing did not come to fruition. The cleaning lady babbled while she was cleaning.


Oh well... I'll do nothing while I sleep.
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ARRGH! and not ARR! which would be more fun.

This time it was not because I went to bed late but because sleep deserted me! I went to bed at 12am and did not fall asleep until 4am! I was so tired when I woke to get ready for church, I couldn't even fathom getting out of bed. I blearily fumbled for my cell phone and called my ride and told her not to come get me and then I went back to sleep. Which is a bummer because I really wanted to go too :(

Now I feel slightly more alive. Am tempted to sleep more but I have stuff to do and also I think if I sleep more, it will ruin my sleep pattern for tonight.

My friend says I cursed myself by saying I would fall asleep right away. I should have indeed known better.
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Spent the afternoon trying not to fall asleep. Went out to sushi which kinda gave me a second wind. Came home and did some church stuff which took half an hour. Did some co-op stuff which took a couple of hours mostly because the damn program kept bulleting parts I didn't wanted bulleted.

I finally resorted to looking in the help section. After a couple of attempts, I actually figured out how to get around it and after that it when quickly.

In a few minutes I am going to head off to bed where I anticipate falling asleep almost instantaneously since I had so little sleep the night before. We'll see how it goes.

So far this has been the BUSIEST YEAR EVAH!

*is not amused*
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I just got home from my friend's memorial service. I have to say I really like this shift from the dark gloomy diatribes of the old days to this new method. The memorial was all about remembering all the different things that made her special to each of us. Her brother talked about her childhood and her early life and about her husband and family. Some one else spoke about their first meeting and what impression she made on them. She had excerpts from many other people giving their perspectives as well. Then the chorus that had been a big part of her life, the Sweet Adelines, sang some of her favourite songs.

As mentioned before, I cried a lot on Sunday and I was sure that I didn't have any more tears left in me. Hah hah. But it was a beautiful service and even though my head aches from crying and I'll miss her horribly, I feel pretty good.
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Today is my birthday. Today is also the day also the day I lost a friend.
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Whelp. Should have gone to the bank when I was supposed to. My rent cheque went through, so I had to rush down there this morning. Almost got blown into the road, it was so windy. I half expected to see Mary Poppins sail by. Go back in half the time it took to go since the wind was at my back pushing me.

Wind must have knocked the power out for a few hours this evening too. My oven clock is blinking. Now the wind is playing music on the chimes and rolling around the garden pots. I guess there'll be a huge mess in the backyard tomorrow.
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I just got off the phone with Telus. I called them to cancel my internet because I just recently purchased the Rogers Rocket stick and it works just great.

They're going to put in my cancelation request as of tomorrow but they won't credit me back the three weeks on my bill. Neither will they credit me back the 120.00 they charged me while I was waiting for them to fix my internet. Which, obviously they never did if I had to go use some other internet provider.

I'm so mad, I do believe I'm going to cancel my landline as well.
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Hm. Seems like my estimate of when I'll get caught up from the fiasco of January has been screwed. Not only have I not got my money back yet but there have been a couple of unanticipated expenses coming out of nowhere. The six weeks will be up in a couple more weeks so I will definitely be calling the government to find out what the status is.

In the meantime, maybe I should start collecting pop bottles.
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I don't know what it is about being female that makes men think you're an idiot. And yes, I realize that's a huge blanket statement and not all men are like that but whatever :P


It's no wonder they kept women drugged up in olden times. The incidences of homicide would have otherwise been off the chart.
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I freely admit that I'm a slob. House work and I are not good friends. We're more like nodding acquaintances. If you come to my place, do not expect to eat the floor, though I've never understood why you'd want to. Having said that, today I went to see my friend. Any stray guilt that I may have ever entertained due to my less than stellar cleaning habits were washed away instantly. I may be a slob but at least my place doesn't make me want to run screaming.

She has two cats and all of her furniture was covered in hair. I mean she had slip covers but they'd obviously not been cleaned in ages. It made me cringe internally to have to touch anything. I perched gingerly on the edge of one chair and wondered if I'd have to burn my clothes when I got home. So yes, I may be a slob but there's clearly a level of filth below which I'm not willing to descend.
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I took the day of rest thing literally and slept the day away. Maybe I should try saying I'm NOT going to do anything and then I'll be able to stay awake.
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I had every intention of putting in a few extra hours at work today since I missed most of Friday but instead I spent most of the day in bed. I am alternatively pleased and disgusted with myself.
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As much as the credit card companies fret and worry about identity theft - all for YOUR benefit of course, never mind the increasing fees due to they say paying for increased security measures - they're the biggest enablers of identity theft out there. My credit card statement is usually never less than three pages. One page is the actual statement. The other two pages are propaganda for whatever they're pushing that particular month. Now I wouldn't care about this except, I kinda do because HEY TREES! but those two USELESS pages have my name, address and CREDIT CARD NUMBER on them.

I'm a dutifully careful person so I shred all my paperwork that has sensitive information and today I was going through the day's mail making piles for what was recyclable and what needed to be shredded. That's when I noticed it. Those two extra pages have my information at the top of the page AND at the bottom! Talk about over kill.

If they really want to help prevent identity theft, maybe credit card companies should stop plastering peoples information ALL OVER THE PLACE. I know my credit card number and they know my credit card number. Why do they need to put it on pages people are never in a million years going to keep? It would be really interesting to know how many people actually bother to shred documents with account numbers etc on them.
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Went out to lunch with the boss instead of dinner today. As you can hopefully guess from the heading, one of us is on a diet. I can assure you it is not I. I don't believe in diets but some are worse than others. I shall describe it and let you draw your own conclusions.

The Gory Details )

So no, I don't believe in diets. Especially ones that make you jump through hoops. All I can see is that those sorts of diets make you focus on food even more than you normally would. My boss has been on this diet for three days and FOOD IS ALL SHE TALKS ABOUT. What she's going to eat. When she's going to eat it. How she's going to prepare it.

Food is consuming her instead of her consuming it.
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You know the paperwork stuff I was supposed to do on Saturday and then Sunday? I got started on it on Monday. I was actually only looking for ONE thing but since I have billions of piles of papers all over the place, on Monday night, I decided I was going to consolidate all my piles into one HUGE pile as I looked and then deal with that.

So! Three days in, and not only did I find the thing I was looking for, I can actually see the top of my kitchen table for a change. Today, I stole some file folders from the boss because now that I have my huge pile, I need to sort it. I sorted into years and filed a bunch of it before calling it quits for the night. Will continue sorting and filing until I'm all caught up again.

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