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Okay, so I finally got a hold of someone at Credit Card Services. Man, remember when you actually called a company and got a live person right away? What? You don't remember? Well.. Okay... Neither do I. Anyway, I explained what happened and asked them if there was something wrong with my account that I wasn't aware of. And they said, no that it was probably just the terminal. They suggested that I try using the card at a couple of different terminals and if I still had a problem to call back and they'd send out a new card.

So I did. And it was fine. It's weird the the other cards worked at that one terminal but not the credit card but I'm glad there is nothing wrong with the card itself. Doesn't solve the problem of what to do about the rent, but ... see title.
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I should have known better than to be all positive and upbeat. That's just asking for trouble.

I went to buy some basic groceries and non food items and my credit card declined. Fortunately, I had enough in my two savings account to cover the cost. But that was the money that was going to go toward rent. I have no idea why it declined as I'm not over my limit and I'm making more than the monthly minimum payment.

So now I have to figure out what to do about rent etc as I don't have any money coming in until the second week of February. And I have to find out what's happening with my card.

Also, I will have to call the specialist and see if I can hurry him along in writing the letter that the notary wants.

Somebody just shoot me please.

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