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As nice as it is to visit some place different, it's always nice to go home again. Especially to some place that doesn't have a billion stairs. My knees may never recover. The people's flight was due in at 9pm but I guess since they were coming from Mexico, going through security took an hour at least. and then they still had to get home from the airport. They made it home by 11.

I was amused by their OMG IT'S SO COLD HERE!!! lament. Yeah, I guess after spending a week south of the border, our regular spring temps would seem a tad chilly.
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Living thirty seconds away from work has spoilt me. I had forgotten how annoying the whole bus thing was. Waiting for it, riding it, etc. Its not so bad now since the weather is nice and the house I'm sitting at, is quite close to the bus route, but blah. Humanity sucks.

I don't know when whispering went out of style but it really needs to make a come back. I do not need or want to hear everyone's personal details. Are personal details still personal when everyone in a one foot radius can hear you? Also, remember that scent thing that triggers my asthma? Try being squashed on a bus with NO ESCAPE.

Yeah. Let's all go green.

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