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So today I almost didn't go for my walk. But it was such a beautiful day, I really had no excuse. So I went. Yay.

In other news... still working on the granny squares. Here's what I've got so far:

Attempt #1

Attempt #1 - on the left Attempt #2

Attempt #2 - on the left Attempt #3

Attempt #3 - on the left Attempt #4

Attempt #3 - on the left Attempt #4 - on the right Attempt #5 - top right

Still need to figure out the cornering and the chains I think.
wolfsbride: (interpretive crows)
Is it just me or does anyone else see the word crotch in crocheting. I kinda want to spell it crotcheting :)

Anyway, have been trying to learn how to do granny squares. Apparently they're boffo easy to do. DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!!!

What they don't TELL you is that they're easy to do if you already know how to do them.

It's a trap that a lot of writers of instruction manuals and tutorials fall into. Because they already know the process, if they're not careful, they invariably leave out something that seems horribly simple to them but is very necessary for the beginner that has no clue. Their brains just skips stuff. It's not that they're EVIL FIENDS trying to TORTURE innocent victims. That's just the way the brain works when it knows how to do something.

I'm working on my third *cough tenth cough* attempt and so far, I've been through about five different tutorials. All frustratingly unhelpful in a variety ways. At this point, the whole thing has become an exercise in trial and error. I crochet until it starts to look weird, pull out the stitches and try something else.

I have a feeling if I ever figure out how to make a proper granny square; it will be uniquely my own pattern.

In other news, EIGHT DAYS OF EXERCISE!!! *and the crowd goes wild*

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