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Today I read in the news paper that a well loved bike area, where kids, meaning teenagers, can go and ride their bikes and do all sorts of bikey shenanigans will be demolished to make way for a condo development.


While everyone laments of childhood obesity, we get this. Where is the sense in taking away one of the few green areas left? Is this what we want? That kids as well as adults have to join a gym to get exercise because there is not one inch of space left that is not glass and cement?

Everyone is working at loggerheads when we should be working together.

I would say that I don't understand the rationale behind this. But you and I both know the rationale is money.
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But what do these two things have in common, you say? Perhaps nothing. It's only that I started thinking about it today as the Weekend News Report had a looping set of news, one of which was Canada giving 227 million dollars to Afghanistan. Now the money is for good things. Like educating women.

Not enough funding! Can't repair the hospitals! Can't hire nurses! We don't have the funding. This is an ongoing lament in the health care industry. And health care seems to be one of the first places hit by cut backs when whomever happens to be in power decides we need to cut spending. And governments will often say, sorry there's no money in the budget for whatever.

I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

It's grand that we want to help other countries but I couldn't help thinking... It'd be nice if Canada spent that money on its own citizens. If there's no money to feed, clothe and house our own people, how come we can find money to feed, clothe and house someone else's.

In case you're thinking this is a view that has been brought on by the current events in my life, let me assure you that it is not. I've ALWAYS found it to be extremely weird to donate millions of dollars to other citizens while ignoring our own. In my head, a country lives and breathes as a result of its people. It seems mind boggling to me that a country's first priority would not be to its own.
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Taking pills.

I have never been a good pill taker. I know people - my mom included - who can take a handful of pills with a sip of water and a toss of the head.

Not I. If I'm taking one pill I need a half glass of water.

With my current state of health, I have to take - pauses to count - thirteen pills, nine for assorted diseases and four vitamin and iron pills. Granted, I don't have to take them all at the same time. I take eight in the morning, one at lunch and four in the evening. But that's still a lot of water. After my morning pills I feel waterlogged and over stuffed because I've also had breakfast as well.

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The thing about having a limited amount of energy is that's it's not like you run out, sleep and then wake fresh, raring to go the next day. No... It's like being a car battery. It seems to take time for the energy to recharge again. In the meantime, life is still going on while you're half dead and you have to drag yourself through it as best you can.

Not a good feeling.

In fact, it's much like what I imagine being a zombie is like. With less brains.
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Those of you who know me or read my journal, know that I have history of chronic lung problems that has culminated in severe scar tissue in my right middle lobe. I also have a very high drug threshold which means if they want something to work they have to give me enough to drop an elephant. Sadly, I also have a very high pain threshold, which means when I ask for more drugs and they say no, I'm capable of just gritting my teeth and bearing it. Those two things in conjunction with the fact that I'm a very non confrontational person has led to instances where my needs get pushed aside in the name of 'well I'm the Doctor and I say so'.

Long Post Is Long )
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What follows is an email I got today from a friend of my mother's who visited her yesterday.


Hi Judith

I was shocked to see how much weight that Rosalie has lost. I know that you have a tough time yourself, but if I may offer a suggestion, buy those protein drinks called BOOST with vitamins and minerals for Rosalie. The girl is malnourished. By the way did you ever fill out he passport forms? It will tale a couple of months to process the renewal application. You know how those government agencies are !


My reply...

Hi Tony

I'm sorry you're shocked but I've been shocked and appalled for the better part of a year. This email is going to be very rude but you know what, I'm not going to apologize for it because quite frankly, I'm kind of pissed off that your first assumption is that I'm doing a bad job looking after my mother. Like I said, if YOU can get her to eat, be my guest.

1. I HAVE tried both BOOST and Ensure as well as several other nutrient drinks in a multitude of flavours and she either flat out doesn't like them, or waters them down so much that they become useless in terms of nutritional value.

2. I flip between home cooked meals, store bought stuff and TV dinners trying to find things that not only will she eat, but she will eat more than once.

3. Each meal takes about three hours because that's the amount of time it takes to cajole her into actually eating, rather than doing something else. By then it's time to lather rinse and repeat for the next meal.

4. Whatever food I do manage to get her to eat probably gets instantaneously burned off because she never stops moving.

I provide as many healthy food options as I can but short of hooking her up to an IV or shoving the food down her throat, there's not a lot I can do about it. I would love for my mother to be back to a healthy weight but the past three months have taught me that it's going to be a long and difficult climb back to that point and I have had to drastically lower my expectations. If you have any other helpful suggestions, that don't involve kinds of food, because that isn't the issue that is the problem, I'd be happy to hear them.

As to the passport, I am aware of how long it takes to get one but honestly, considering the fact that she's not going to be able to travel alone and I am not going to be in any position to travel with her for a long time yet, it's about third on my list of priorities. I'll deal with it when it becomes a blip on the horizon. Unless you want to take the time to take her to Barbados yourself, then again I say, have at it.
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So a couple of days ago I did a big grocery shop since I have to eat real food these days. Let me tell you it's highway robbery. I bought enough fruits and vegetables to last a week and it came to seventy five dollars. It's no wonder we're all unhealthy eaters. It's cheaper to buy the fake food.

The biggest thing to get used to with this diabetes thing is the whole omg must eat constantly. I'm used to eating just when I'm hungry. Or at least when I feel hungry. Maybe those are two different things. But now I have to eat a bunch of small meals all day long. It's annoying but I suppose ultimately much better for me.

Anyway, the side effect of all this has been that I've finally broken the 270 barrier. That's pounds in case you're wondering.

Warning!: Weight and Diet Ramblings Ahead )

Huh. And this was supposed to be a quick post. Go figure. Anyway, having broken the 270 mark, I now have one hundred pounds to go. Actually, one hundred and two will bring me back down to where I was ten or so years ago. As mentioned above, this has been a work in progress. Getting to this point has taken three years. So that's eighty pounds in three years.

Not a great deal when compared to the programs that tout lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks! but I know I won't see those pounds again because they've come off as a result of changes I made to my eating patterns because of being diagnosed with high blood pressure. And this time around it was done without adding any exercise.

And yes. You did read that right. At one point, I was 350 pounds.

So again, it's simplicity itself. If you can't give up eating, exercise more. If you hate exercising, eat less. You can't have it both ways. Well, you could. But frankly, stomach stapling is even more mind boggling crazy than handing over good money for something you can do yourself.
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Wow. Did I complain about having bad nights before??? Never mind me!

Warning!: Grossness Ahead )
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Okay a couple of weeks ago I babbled about getting diagnosed with diabetes and that I had an appointment with a specialist coming up. So today was that day.

MY DAY!!! )

So! That was my day. How was yours?
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So. I had a really bad night last night. It seemed like everything wanted to pack it in at the same time. My blood pressure kept spiking which started to give me a low level migraine, among other things, and I had to up the pressure on my CPAC because my brain didn't seem to want to remind my lungs to breathe.

The breathing thing isn't not horribly uncommon for me. Usually if I have to stay in the hospital for anything over a few hours, the nurses always turn off my oxygen monitor because it pings constantly. Apparently, I breathe really really slowly. And the pinging is annoying. Yeah, let's turn off the machine that tells you whether I'm breathing or not. Our medical system at work.

Anyway, that's part of the reason for the machine; I tend to stop breathing when I'm asleep. I wake myself up, of course, but it's hard on the heart, so the machine is supposed to keep my airways open. Last night though, it was like my lungs were incredibly lazy. I'm beginning to wonder if they make pacemakers for lungs.

The whole point of this ramble is.. I have lots of friends all over the place and I sometimes find myself thinking, usually when I've been lying in emergency for a few days, what'd happen if something happened to me. I mean, my local friends would find out through the usual channels but for the other people, it'd be like I just stopped signing online and they'd never know. I've been thinking it might be something I should put down in a will, I guess. In the advent of death, please notify these people.

Yeah, morbid thoughts. But that's the kinda of things you think of at 4am when your body is staging a revolution.
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Or a new dosage for an old drug. My doctor isn't happy with how slowly the doubling up of my existing Diovan pill is lowering my blood pressure, so he wrote me a prescription for 360mg instead of 80mg. That's like the HIGHEST dosage this particular pill comes in. It's so high my pharmacy doesn't even carry it. Will have to go back tomorrow to pick it up since they have to order it in. Sigh.

And I'll probably have to go in for another sleep test. It's been three years since my last test. It's like my doctor has decided I'm his cash cow and is just having every single thing retested. Oh well. At least there's crochet.
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Okay, yes. It's too early for the Ides of March but whatever! IT'S MARCH!!!! In three weeks it will be Spring! I hope. Considering the amount of snow we got at the end February, I'll believe it when I see it.

So! An update since I haven't posted anything since January 27th.

To The Update! )
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1. I know I've babbled about this before but honestly, it would be LESS mortifying to go around half naked than to try to clothe your body in a stupid gown that fits neither your body size nor your body shape. At least they got rid of the ridiculous paper gowns.

Oh, I guess I should mention I was there for a chest xray and nothing horrible. Though, frankly the whole thing was horrible :D

2. My boss - I'm not even going to go into any details. Just assume more moronic behaviour and move on.

3. USB Keys - I bought one finally. And I wanted to put something on it since they give you this handy little bar thing to loop something around. However, it is not handy at all. I spent two minutes trying to get the piece of string I wanted to use through the stupid gap. I think I shall have to resort to tying the string to a piece of thread and pulling it through that way.

And don't get me started about getting it out of the package. That's an annoyance of a higher level.
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Since I only got two and a half hours sleep last night, I figure if I can stay up until at LEAST 9pm, it should get me back on track for sleeping.

In other news, went over to see the co-op coordinator around 8:15am. Was there for an hour. Brought her up-to-date all the applications and my intent to create a schedule. We talked a bit about how to handle the loud mouth boobs. We both hoped that the Board would step in and just disolved the Committee since I really don't want to have be a referee.

Was about 9:30 by the time I got back to my boss' place. I made myself breakfast and ate it at a leisurely pace. Then from about 11am to 1:30pm, I did the reference checks for the first two applicants we interviewed. Walked back over to the Co-op office and dropped that information off and walked down to the post office. Dropped off the office mail. Walked back. There's my exercise for the day.

From 2:30 - 4:30, I did actual work work! Amazing.

From 4:30 - 5:30 I emailed all the two bedroom applicants I have on file. Will schedule interviews as I hear back from them.

5:30 - current The cleaning lady came over so I cleaned up a bit. That always cracks me up that you have to clean up for your cleaning lady. Right now I am sitting around.

I plan to sit around until I fall asleep.

That is my plan and it is mine and I am proud of it.
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Something good for a change!

I weighed in at the docs and I lost half a kilo! That's 1.1 pounds! Whoo hoo!

Doesn't sound like much but by small things are great things accomplished!
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Today I got up at 9am, made breakfast for the dogs, made breakfast for myself. That was the end of the peace.

10am the phone started ringing and has not stopped. I ate breakfast at 11am in between answering phone calls. Not happy.

Haven't been able to get a hold of my mother, who is supposed to be going with me to a doctor's appointment I have in three hours. Really not happy.

Then tonight I have a co-op meeting. VERY NOT HAPPY!

This day can not end soon enough.

Bah to the power of infinity.
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Is it just me or does anyone else see the word crotch in crocheting. I kinda want to spell it crotcheting :)

Anyway, have been trying to learn how to do granny squares. Apparently they're boffo easy to do. DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!!!

What they don't TELL you is that they're easy to do if you already know how to do them.

It's a trap that a lot of writers of instruction manuals and tutorials fall into. Because they already know the process, if they're not careful, they invariably leave out something that seems horribly simple to them but is very necessary for the beginner that has no clue. Their brains just skips stuff. It's not that they're EVIL FIENDS trying to TORTURE innocent victims. That's just the way the brain works when it knows how to do something.

I'm working on my third *cough tenth cough* attempt and so far, I've been through about five different tutorials. All frustratingly unhelpful in a variety ways. At this point, the whole thing has become an exercise in trial and error. I crochet until it starts to look weird, pull out the stitches and try something else.

I have a feeling if I ever figure out how to make a proper granny square; it will be uniquely my own pattern.

In other news, EIGHT DAYS OF EXERCISE!!! *and the crowd goes wild*
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Blah. I was sure I had figured a way around my stupid chest medications but about 2pm or so I started feeling funny again. Not as bad as that first day after but still annoying. I guess I will have to just not take my evening blood pressure pills for the rest of the time I'm taking the chest medications. Hopefully a couple of weeks without isn't going to push it into the stratosphere.

On the other side, went for my evening walk with the dogs as usual. Was a bit worried about how it would go but I had a lie down earlier and wasn't feeling too strange. I still haven't got the hang of getting up to go for a walk in the morning though. Will keep working on it.
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I decided that since I was quite LEERY about not taking my evening pills AT ALL for another week, I would take my chest medications in the morning instead of late afternoon. Apparently it's okay to take the conflicting pills as long as it's EIGHT hours after you've taken the antibiotics. So we'll see how that goes.

In other news, DAY FIVE OF EXERCISE! Granted, a couple of those days were not brisk walking since I wasn't feeling so good, but I figure they still count. Again the little Shitzu kept me honest. Man, I could barely keep up with her. I'm going to be sad when my boss gets back. Maybe I can steal her :D
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So! It seems like skipping my evening pills while I'm on the medication for my chest infection was the way to go. No funny business during the night or today. I even managed to fit in a twenty minute walk this evening.

My boss' little Shitzu is a good walking company. She sets a good pace and doesn't wander too far off the heel position. The Chiweenie, on the other hand, was all over the place - way at the back, way to the side, way to the front. It's because my boss sucks at training. It didn't take me long to whip him into shape. By the time we got halfway they were both trotting along together in synch. Looked like a dog sled team without the sled.

Now all I need to do it get a couple of cheap leashes. I LOATHE those stupid extendo leads things. Bah!

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