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There seems to be a new thing in games these days. A thing where instead of clearing a room, a tower, a dungeon, a whatever and that's the end of it, they keep sending you back and sending you back and SENDING YOU BACK!!! I HATE THAT.

I'm sorry but in REALITY - if adventuring can be based in reality - if I'm in dungeon, you can bet your sweet patchooti I will acquire every single thing of use in the room THE FIRST TIME AROUND! ALSO! If I'm being chased by a homicidal maniac, I am not going to not escape through the window just because I don't have the SUGGESTED proper tool for the damn job. I will BREAK the window with a WRENCH if I don't have a HAMMER, OMG!

The other thing I've noticed and hate in these games is the mousing. If you don't click on something JUST SO, the game refuses to recognize that you've touched the object. So you end up spending five minutes trying to find the exact angle at which the click with register.

If I find the person who's brilliant ideas started this I will stuff him in a room from which he can only endlessly escape.

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