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Wow. I had all sorts of garden plans for today but I slept all day instead. Amazing. Let's hear it for hibernation. Huzzah!
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Man, I must be coming down with something. Read a bit today but mostly I slept. Eh.
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I could have gardened today. It rained but there were enough cloudy breaks that I could have gotten out there, but I was too lazy to bother. So I slept a bit, read a lot, tried to figure out my ipod. Itunes downloaded a Star Wars pod cast that was fun but I was disappointed when I tried to go find more. So boo on that. Oh well.
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I was hoping to finish weeding the big patch today but it rained non stop so I spent the day in bed reading instead. I'll say this for my boss, she has a comfortable bed. The sheets are wonderful. I don't know if it's the thread count or what that makes them so smooth against the skin but it's really nice. And she has nice plump pillows. All in all not a horrible way to spend the day. Especially since I had a cuddly doggy with me as well.
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A while a go, I did someone's tax and they gave me a $20 Itunes gift card. I never bothered with it because I was all eh about the whole thing. This year I did someone else's tax and they paid me and then gave me a fifty dollar Itunes card because they couldn't get it to work when they went to redeem it. Who ever had scrubbed the silver stuff off had done a bad job of it and the numbers and letters were hard to make out. I took it home and in a procedure that would have made MacGyver proud, I soaked a Qtip in some nail polish remover and carefully soaked the remnants of the silver strip. It took about ten minutes and a few applications but afterwards I had a pretty good idea of what the mystery code was.

Having recently discovered audio books, I now graduated to Itunes and with both cards, I had a total of seventy dollars to spend there. This is where I discovered old radio shows! I downloaded some Nero Wolfe and Sam Spade. I downloaded a Hercule Poirot. I've also downloaded a Sherlock Holmes that I haven't had a chance to listen to yet. I find it fascinating how they did all the sound effects back then.
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Spent the day lazing in bed reading. Heavenly. Have discovered audio books. Downloaded A Christmas Carol as read by Tim Curry. It's fabulous.
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What ever happened to that, huh parents!?!?!?

Today I went for a walk to explore this strange thing I'd heard about called the outside and I had to stop at an intersection to cross the street. Next to me, was a group of three kids, one older than the other two by some years. As we were waiting, the oldest looking one said to the others, as soon as the light turns red, lets run across!

EEK! )

If you can't be bothered to go out with your kids, please do us all a favour and make sure they're street smart. It will save trouble all the way around. You the anguish of having your kid mangled in an accident and me the horror of having to witness it all.
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Yeah whatever. Worked a bit on my own taxes. I'm always the last to get done. I wonder if other professions have the same problem. I can't imagine a mechanic being so busy, he doesn't have time to fix his own car.

Spent the rest of the day reading Agathe Christie's Poirot. Much much different that the TV show. It's seems like an abusive relationship; Poirot insults almost everything about poor Captain Hastings, from his looks to his brains. It seems to me the only reason Hastings is there is for Poirot to have someone to explain the plot to. And to make himself feel superior.

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