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So my boss went for her weigh in today. Apparently she lost 3.5 pounds, so she's all happyfied again. Considering, she threatened to quit last week when she'd only lost .8 pounds, it would not surprise me if they'd done something to the scale so that she weighed less than she actually does. I guess time will tell.
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After her near death run in with the other diet, my boss switched to Jenny Craig, which at least has the fact that they use balanced meals to recommend them. AND they would not let her sign up until she brought in a letter from her doctor saying she was fit to go on the diet. Which is a big improvement. I have to say though, I was rather surprised her doctor gave her the go ahead, but maybe she nagged him or something.

Anyway, she's been on it about two weeks and now she's talking of switching to something else because when she weighed in today she only lost .8 of a pound. Apparently, they said she'd lose three pounds a week. Considering that the diet they have her on is 2,000 calories, I think that was a little overly optimistic of them. It's a ten week program and she wants to quit after two weeks. Her poor body must be so confused.

Now she's talking about going on the Dr Bernstein Diet. I figure she'll kill herself yet.

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