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In case you can't tell, it's an IPOD holder. I like to listen to my Ipod while I'm doing things - washing the dishes, gardening, working etc. And it's horribly annoying because the only way I can carry it with me at those time is if I have pockets which most of my clothes don't. What I have been doing is slinging it around my neck, which is even more annoying because it's always slipping down and threatening to choke me to death.

So! I made this little do dad. It works pretty well. The chain is maybe a tetch too long but eh, it serves its purpose.

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Apparently, some sort of by pass surgery has been performed but still, a not bad effort for a first attempt.

However, my exuberance has been tempered by the fact that it took me half an hour or more to get this picture up. I finally gave up trying to get the stupid scrap book thing to work and just did a manual insert.

It's times like this I remember why I hate LJ.
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Or an obsession.

I bought a crochet needle set today. I HAD A 40% OFF COUPON, OKAY!!!! Do not judge me!

Anyway.... I shouldn't ever need to buy needles again! It's a nifty little case that has 24 needles.

Also, I have passed on the crochet bug to the doctor's receptionist. Second last time I was in the office, I was busily crocheting away as I waited and she came over to see what I was doing since it was near the end of the day and I was the last one there. So I showed her and explained about the square thing and how I was hoping to get it big enough to be a baby blanket etc. And she was all oooo!

So then the LAST time I was there, she saw how much bigger the square was and she watched me do a few more rounds and she asked a bunch of questions about was it difficult and how long did it take me to learn and could I suggest some websites for learning. So THIS time when I went, I took her a bunch of tutorials that I had printed out and a cheap ball of yarn and a size 5mm needle. And said since it seems like I was going to be an honoured guest for the next several months, she could use the ball of wool to practice and if she had questions she could write them down to ask me on the times that I came in. So we'll see.

In other news, I started my second ball of yarn a couple of days ago and I'm almost half way through already. I guess now that the square is almost grown up, it takes a lot more yarn to make one round than it did when it was just a teenage square. Hopefully, three balls of yarn will be enough for the size I want it to get.

In other other news, the store gave me another coupon. And then I found another coupon online. And then I signed up on the store's website and got a coupon for doing that. I foresee shopping for yarn in my future. Does anyone want anything crocheted????

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