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So, as I mentioned I didn't get the big ole consolidation loan that my boss was gunning for. To no one's surprise by my boss'. So NOW she's all, well maybe we can look at other options! Maybe I can reduce the price! Maybe I can give you a commission per client so you have extra money! Maybe this! Maybe that!

I really want to sell to you because I trust you and I want the best for you and the clients! Uh huh. We believe that. I don't want to sell to an accounting firm. Never mind that an accounting firm would LAUGH HER OUT THE DOOR when they saw her client list. None of our clients are the kind of big companies that accountants are used to dealing with. Hell, 90% of our clients don't even pull down 100K a year.

It's amazing what persistent silence can do. At the beginning of the year, I said to her, you know, the deal we discussed two years ago, its not the deal you presented me with currently. And every month something else seems to change. I can't in good conscience go ahead with this as it is now. If you do intend to retire next year, you need to start looking for someone else to buy this business. I would appreciate some notice so I can look for another job.

That's when she went on the whole line of credit/loan rampage. And I let her go to it because I knew there was no way in Hades, anyone was going to give me a loan of any kind. So now that that's out of the way, maybe we can actually get an agreement that's fair to me and not just about her. Though I'm somewhat tempted to slash my terms in half since it's now become a buyer's market.

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