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Not happy to screw up her own body, my boss has decided that her dogs need to change their eating habits. Normally, they get a bit of wet food and some dry food twice a day. The dry food is probably fairly decent quality but the wet food I suspect is probably crap. But whatever.

However, apparently she heard, read, saw on TV, that dogs should be eating raw nearly rotten meat because that's what they used to eat originally and that's what wolves etc still eat today. Okay. That's FINE for as far as it goes. But let's follow through shall we? That's like saying HUMANS should be eating raw nearly rotten meat because that's what we used to eat when we were first put on earth. I don't imagine there's a DATE for when fire first came on the scene but I'm willing to bet that as soon as it came along, we weren't eating raw meat any longer.

Today our bodies have adapted to eat cooked foods. Just like dogs bodies have adapted to eat their food. To expect modern dogs to eat like their wild ancestors or even their modern wild counterparts is totally ridiculous. Maybe if you were feeding them carrion from the day they were weaned sure. But if she thinks she's going to be able to feed her dogs rotten meat and not have it end in tears, she's more of an idiot that I give her credit for.
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So. My boss was supposed to be back tomorrow morning. Her flight from Mexico was supposed to land in Calgary late tonight and she was going to catch an early flight from Calgary to Vancouver. Simple right?

Not for my boss. Apparently the flight made a surprise layover in Vancouver so the stupid woman decides to get off the plane, since HEY VANCOUVER! Only, HER TICKET IS FOR CALGARY! HER BAGS ARE LABELLED CALGARY! So as soon as she tried to go through customs, they turned her over to Airport Security because HEY SOMEONE ACTING IN A SUSPICIOUS MANNER!

Apparently, they're going to make her stay at the airport until tomorrow morning which is when her flight AND her bags would have landed here. So, not only is she out the price of the ticket from Calgary to Vancouver, she's got a 12 hour wait rather than the five hours she'd have had to wait in Calgary.

The woman's brains continually amaze and astound me.
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So, my boss is away on holiday again. She just called from Alberta. Guess what she wants? *waits*

She wants me to buy garden pots for her daughter. Which would be fine BUT... in the next breath she casually says... they're $35 each so it'll probably be about $80 with the tax. YOU CAN JUST WRITE A PERSONAL CHEQUE!!!

As Wayne would say.. EXSQUEEZE ME?!???!?!? Yeah. THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. I mean, I don't even care that I'd get paid back when she got home. It's the way she ASSUMES that I just have $80 lying around to spend on her behalf.


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