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When you sell us an multiple storied audiobook compilation, please to be numbering your files in an appropriate manner. It's very disconcerting, not to mention confusing, to be listening to Chapter One of one story and then five minutes later be on Chapter One of a totally different story. That said, Apple, how hard is it to make a function in your Get Info option that allows for the EASY fixing of that over sight? If a spreadsheet can replicate a list, there should be some way to give Itunes that ability as well.

Nevertheless, I have prevailed, and not only managed to get all the stupid files to run in the order they're supposed to, but I also figured out how to stop them from showing up in my Music section, which pissed me off to no end since they're not music files. I suppose the issue is that Apple expects you to buy Audiobooks only from them or their suppliers, so they probably don't really care about making it easy to import someone else's audio files. Well, screw you Apple. I found a website that has audiobooks for a fraction of what you're charging for them, so yes, I will be taking the extra half an hour it takes to order them correctly so they're playable in your nifty gadget.
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I have no idea what it is, but I've totally become enamoured of them. It might be the idea of being read to. I love being all bundled up in bed with the narrator's voice in my ear. I have to be careful what I put on at bedtime though, some of the stories are too exciting to induce sleep :)

Today I bought some books by Robert E Howard. I was hoping to find Conan stories but its seems like I've got the four or five stories that have been made into audio books. These ones feature different characters but I'm quite liking them as well. He had a very dynamic and a bit lyrical writing style. At least in the stories I've listened to so far.
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The only problem is I'm a bit leery to listen to them at bedtime. I can just see myself never sleeping.

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