Feb. 3rd, 2012

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I spent all day plugging numbers into a tax return. Why do you ask? Because I needed to see how different incomes affected the numerous tax credits and benefits this particular family is getting. Why does this burn my buns you ask? Well, let me tell you!

It all started this morning. I had decided yesterday that I would take a day off. That was a mistake. Never decide anything. Something always comes along to ruin any decision you make :)

Anyway, first thing this morning I got a call from the wife of a family I do tax for. She'd been reassessed by CRA and now will have to pay them back 600.00. Apparently, she gave me one T5 slip when she actually had two. So her income increased and her tax refund became less than they paid out. So she has to pay back the difference.

SO! First reason my buns burnt. I am not a mind reader. If, at tax time I ask you to send me all your slips and you send me one T slip and then subsequently I ask you several MORE times are you SURE this is all the stuff you have and you tell me yes it is, I am then NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE for any errors the government finds later.

Two, this family stands to collect 17,000 to 18,000 in tax credits and benefits between the two of them. This burns my buns because THEY ARE WEALTHY! Omg. Their house is huge; they have two rental properties in Canada and a house in England! They pay out 20,000 to a nanny for Cricket's sake. Yet, they are able to get these benefits and credits because on PAPER they are living below the poverty line.

This is all legal as the bulk of their wealth comes from real estates sales that they have already paid taxes on. However, this just seems very very wrong. Those benefits were intended for legitimately low income people and families, not people who work the system. There should be some way of preventing this. It's kinda disgusting.

It's especially disgusting because just this year the government started a new thing where if you're collecting CPP but still working, your employer has to deduct CPP from you. It used to be that if you were getting CPP, your employer didn't have to take CPP off your salary. But I guess with all these PEOPLE robbing the system the money is drying up.

This is the problem. NO ONE wants to pay income tax. I understand that. I don't want to pay income tax either. However, the REALITY is, income tax is how the government pays for all the nice things that we like to enjoy. The SENSIBLE thing to do would be to TAX THOSE THAT CAN AFFORD IT HEAVILY AND THOSE THAT CAN'T LIGHTLY. But we know how well THAT'S going to go over.

Also, wealthy people have lots more ways of avoiding taxes than poor people do. The person making 20,000 a year isn't going to be able to have the same savings, or RRSPs or Donations power as the person making 220,000 or a 1,220,000.

So yes! When she called me all... Wah. Wah. I have to pay this 600.00 back, wah! We need to start looking at ways to make sure we're getting all the credits we can, I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle her.

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