Jan. 30th, 2012

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I didn't go to my third class as that was the week of snow and I didn't feel like going out in the wet slush and breaking a leg, so I asked the lecturer to put aside a packet for me which he did! So you get two for the post of one

Below is a list of what he talked about and my thoughts.

1. Changes in Behaviour - So this basically covered the way changes in the brain create changes in behaviour and the types of behavioural changes that occur. He noted that behavioural changes are one of the first things that OTHER people notice about the person with Alzheimers. Memory loss is one if the first things people WITH Alzheimers notice in themselves. Unfortunately, because the majority of people with Alzheimers are older, they tend to attribute the memory loss to aging and so they miss out on a possibly early diagnosis. It was good to know that there is a reason mom is behaving the way she is.

2. Behaviour is an attempt to Communicate - Unfortunately its up to the caregiver to figure out what that communication is. I think I've talked about this before where my mom won't ask for food but she'll do things that indicate to me she wants something to eat. It's like trying to learn a weird sort of short hand.

3. Managing Behaviour - So this part talked about ways to try to modify the behaviours some what. Like making sure the environment isn't upsetting, asking questions to figure out what's causing the behaviour, etc.

1. Feelings - Omg. Let's just spend the two hours crying shall we. :)

2. Burnout - Warning signs and How to Avoid it.

3. Dealing with Stress - Same as above.

4. Loss and Grief - This was the most interesting part of the four as it talked about how even though no one has died, both the care giver and the caree has lost things and it's actually beneficial to go through the grieving as though you have had that physical loss because in a way, the person you knew has died.

Class 3 had lots of good information. I'm glad I thought to ask for a packet. Class 4 was .... hard. Listening to everyone's emotions. Didn't help that he started out with an emotional video as well. People were sobbing.

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