Jan. 9th, 2012

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So had my first Family Caregiver Series thing. It was well presented but had a lot of overlap with stuff I had pretty much figured out on my own since I'm living it. Below is a list of what he talked about and my rating :D

1. What is Dementia? - which I had already figured out from reading and talking the various doctor types

2. Illnesses that cause Dementia - Who cares? Not I.

3. What happens in the brain - Very interesting. Too bad biology is not his field. Will have to see if I can hook up with someone to answer questions.

4. The progression of Alzheimers - Also very interesting. Gives an idea of what will be coming and what to look out for.

5. Current medications and research - Very very interesting. Kicks government. Please to be giving more funding for research. People aren't getting any younger you know. Or at least start funding age regeneration research :)

Next week: Understanding Communication - This one I'm very interested in as my mom is in this stage now where what she says is not what she means.

Most interesting fact - Dementia is NOT a normal part of aging. PLEASE TAKE NOTE PEOPLE!

Most annoying fact - The government has to do a study to decide whether it will cover dementia medication. Yeah, thanks for nothing, bastards.

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