Jan. 8th, 2012

wolfsbride: (pissed wolf)
Early this morning - and when I say early I mean 3am - the fire alarm on our floor went off.

Now our building has a history of false alarms, so much so that at one point instead of coming out the fire department would call and be all - Is there a fire? And the manager would be all - Uh.. I don't think so? And the fire department would be all - Okay good. Bye!

Which... I mean. I understand that it's annoying to come out fifty times a month to find out there's never a problem but some how I think imposing a fine for wasting your departments time is a little LESS negligent than never showing up on the off chance that ONE of those times there will be a be a fire. The other downside of this is that people don't respond. When these false alarms first started, the lobby would be full of people. Now we're lucky if five people show up outside the building. This is dangerous.

Anyway, I'm babbling about this because this latest false alarm made me realize how the Alzheimers is going to impact our response to any future emergencies. For example, I blearily woke up when the fire alarm went off, threw on my house coat and my jacket and went to get mom up. I'm all we need to go downstairs until we get the all clear. My mom is all okay let me put on my clothes. So while I'm trying to get her out of the apartment by telling her we need to move quickly, my mom is all, I can't go out like this!?!?!? She just doesn't get the need for speed in the jumbled mess that's become her brain.

So... I guess she'll be the best dressed corpse.

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