Jan. 7th, 2012

wolfsbride: (black wolf)
...is that you can't legitimately get mad at them.

It'd be like screaming at a little kid. Or kicking a small animal.

A few minutes ago my mother woke me up to ask me if she can borrow my keys. She did this by grabbing my leg. I don't know about you, but I'm not good when startled awake.

After I discerned that she was wanting my keys because she couldn't find hers, I had to distract her because HELL IF I'M GOING TO GIVE HER MY KEYS SO SHE CAN LOSE THEM TOO. The losing the keys thing is an on going issue because my mother WILL NOT LISTEN to me when I tell her to PLEASE leave them pinned to her pocket.

No, she has to have them in her hand at all times. Consequently, she ends up putting them down all over the place.

So just now as I did a systematic search of the place, I guess she could sense that I was not at all happy because she stood in the hallway wringing her hands and repeating I'm sorry; I'm sorry; I'm sorry over and over again.

Which on the one hand made me want to scream at her that being sorry wasn't going to help find her keys and on the other hand made me feel like Hitler on a bad day.

I found her keys on top of the fridge. I have no idea. I honestly can't even fathom the series of events that would have led to that.

Its one of those 'I want to shove her under a bus' days.

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