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So the case worker came today. And what a waste of an hour that was. She spent the whole time talking to me. I kept trying to refer her back to my mom. IE Well, she's STANDING RIGHT THERE, WHY DON'T YOU ASK HER???? kinda thing.. but sadly no.

I don't understand how they train these people.

On the plus side, I didn't have to wait for the notices of assessment, since all they're really interested in is the numbers. So I because I had a paper copy of the tax that was filed, I was able to give her my mom's income and how much tax she owed and then she calculated the day rate they'd charge my mom to send some one out.

Forty three dollars. Rounded up of course.

So now I just have to see if I can afford a couple of days a month.

She also left a phamphlet for adult day care which I'm supposed to discuss with ma and then let her know if she's interested. I did try to talk to ma about it after she'd left but unfortunately, in addition to describing their services, they had JOLLY THINGS like we serve: the FRAIL elderly, the DISABLED adult, and the COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED adult, so ma is all what is this SHIT! This doesnt even APPLY TO ME! HMPH! I'm left with trying to get her to understand that no, you're not frail or disable but YES, YOU ARE COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED OMG!

A barrel of fun was had by all.

I did notice however, that ma's signature was pretty good, so I think I'm going to try and get her to sign some checks and then see if one of them will go through the bank. And if so, I'll use them to pay off her outstanding utility bills and maybe get some money that way.
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