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So. Got a phone call from the notary today. The family doctor is absolutely refusing to do the letter for ma, which I'm not surprised about because he didn't want to do it in the first place. This puts a wrench in the committeeship thing if I decide to go that route because you need TWO doctors letters.

Tomorrow I'll call the specialist and see if he'd be willing to write either letter. If he says no, I guess I'll have to phone the lawyer I was talking to find out if it has to be doctors that have on going familiarity with mom or if it can be any doctors that specialize in the field. Though, how I'll get that going I don't know as it seems you can only get into see doctors on the referrals from other doctors.

The family doctor is also refusing to write a letter for ME to say that I'm not in good enough health to look after mom. As if it has to go to committeeship, I really don't want to be involved. It's more time and work than I would be able to handle. Apparently the ability to carry on against all odds is a character flaw. The doctor can't in good conscience write a letter saying that it would be a drain on my health to look after ma, as I've been looking after her for the last thirteen months.

So that narrows the options down to how accomodating the bank feels like being and how long immirgration will contine to take before they send out her citizenship card. And I'm not even sure about the last because I get the feeling from this bank that even if she did go there with proper id, they may still refuse to deal with her on account of her looniness.
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