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So this week I was all YAY because I had finally had a response from the notary. They emailed me a draft of the power of attorney document for my approval. I emailed them back with my approval and was tentatively hopefully that the whole issue would be resolved in the next couple of weeks.

I guess I should have remembered that the universe abhors imbalance or something. For every good thing there has to be an equal bad thing. Apparently, my mother has been bothering the neighbors by trying to get into their apartments. Unfortunately, all the doors look the same and I guess she's forgotten what the apartment number is. So I ASSUME she's been putting her key in people's locks and jiggling the door knob.

This means I can no longer leave her alone for even a short period of time. I will have to take her every where I go - excluding clients - until I get some sort of in home supervision or something going. Hopefully, the few clients that preferred to have me come out to their place will be understanding and won't mind just dropping their data off for me to work on.

I think on Monday I will also email the notary and ask them to hurry up with the appointment date and to make it sooner than later.

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