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Yesterday, I had to come down to my unit at the Co-op for 8am in order to let the plumber in to replace the hot water tank. I was told it would take a few hours so I brought my laptop and spent some of the time watching Rick Mercer on Youtube. I came across this one, a rant on Bullying.

Part of what he talks about is how as adults we forget what it can be like in school for some kids or yourself, I suppose. I can't find the video now, OF COURSE, but some one from the Coalition Against Adult Bullies had posted a rebuttal in which they took offense at Rick Mercer's rant saying that he totally ignored the fact that many adults are bullied as well.

Okay, point one - Rick's Rants are usually only two or three minutes in length. They are, I believe, designed for maximum impact in the shortest time possible. They are effectively sound bites to focus people's attention on topics of the day. And the topic of that particular rant was Bullying and Kids. To have ranted about both would have diluted the power of the rant to the detriment of each group.

Point two - Bullying of adults may be just as prevalent as bullying of kids but let's be honest, as adults we have far more avenues open to us than kids. Or at least than kids feel they have. Hopefully we have one or two friends to talk to. We have legal recourse. I suppose if you were a bullied child that grew up to be a bullied adult then yes, your life is probably a special hell but at least you made it to adulthood. Statistics are saying that more and more bullied kids are checking out of life rather than pushing their way through. And as Rick says in another rant, even one kid is too many.

The whole rebuttal thing annoyed me because it pisses me off when people MISS THE POINT! Which brings me to the latter part of my rant. Apparently, yesterday was Pink Shirt Day in my area. I assume so at least because I went to the bank and all the employees were wearing pink shirts that boasted about bullying awareness.

Okay, I'm sorry but no. Instead of swanning around in pink shirts, what we need to be doing is smacking parents upside the heads. Parents of kids that bully need to figure out why their kids are doing it and deal with the issues causing it. Parents of kids that get bullied need to figure out how to gain their kids trust so that they talk about what's happening in school. I don't care if that means you have to become a secret agent and stalk your kids friends and principals and teachers. That's what being a parent means. Looking out for your kid.

We as a nation need to stop enabling bullies. We need to get rid of this MEDIEVAL attitude of boys will be boys; being bullied is a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood; it BUILDS CHARACTER. No. No. No.

If boys will be boys then statistics show that girls will also be boys. The incidences of girls bullying other girls are probably not so much on the rise as being talked about more. Being tormented, traumatized and degraded IS NOT A RITE OF PASSAGE. We arrest people for that sort of stuff. And the only character built from being shoved into lockers or beaten up every day is a character of resentment and bitterness.

I was fortunate in my school years. Aside from the education thing, I was the invisible kid. From Junior to Senior High, my school's focus was on two things - Academia and Sports. You were either one or the other. If you were neither no one wanted to know you. I wasn't sports orientation and I didn't excel in all subjects. I was quiet, kept to myself.

The worse I had to deal with was people calling me Nigger or Monkey. Which weren't really insults to me at that time as I had NO IDEA what the hell they were talking about. I've never and I still don't go around thinking of myself as a black person. I'm just a person struggling through life like everyone else.

Looking back on my school life, I was very lucky indeed.

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