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My mother has these house slippers that make a funny flip creak noise when she walks. And by funny I mean ANNOYING. And let me tell you something else. That noise has become like the THEME FROM JAWS to me. Whenever I hear it, I immediately tense up in anticipation of the next round of mind boggling inane conversation.

You're probably wondering what Jaws has to do with Poe. Well, they're both horror stories :D

Its really funny. In one of the classes, part of the presentation was how to treat people with Alzheimer's. For example with respect and so forth. The last one was with unconditional love and the lecturer was all, you know, this is the only slide I dislike out of the whole series because not everyone who is looking after someone is doing it out of love and I found myself thinking....

Even if you WERE doing it out of love, the day to day grind would slowly but surely turn that love into hate. One of the most prevalent things you'll see in regards to elderly is what they call senior abuse. And I can't help but feel that maybe if the government got their heads out of their asses and acknowledged the fact that yes, the population is getting older and yes, not everyone is well off enough to afford private care and actually did something to facilitate the building of more facilities rather than shutting down the ones we have, people wouldn't be shoving their seniors into a dark closet, why hello there, Harry!

When I started thinking about my mom and outside facilities, I went online to get some sort of idea of what was available in our city. THERE ARE FIVE FACILITIES that are government regulated - meaning the cost is indexed to your income so that they can't charge you an arm and three legs if you can't afford it. FIVE! In a city of 200,000.

I couldn't find any numbers on how many seniors there are in our city, but if we even take just 1% of that number, that's 2,000 elderly people. The number of opening in all five facilities add up to 630. So yeah. Where's YOUR ma or pa gonna sleep?
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