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Sorry for the language but I'm getting really annoyed.

Here's a laugh for you. I had been trying to make an appointment with the memory specialist to ask him a couple of questions about mom. I wanted to know if the medication for mom had been approved yet and if not, did he have any idea how long approval would take as she's kinda getting worse as the time goes by and I also wanted to know if he could write me up a letter for the notary.

First, I couldn't make an appointment because he was away. My mind boggled. I mean.. My GP is away all the time. That doesn't stop his receptionist from taking appointments for him. They're just after he gets back.

Second, I got a call today from his office. My appointment is for tomorrow. I'm chewing my nails off hoping they're not going to cancel on me since they took so long to get me in in the first place. The receptionist tells me Dr Baker says I should go see my GP. At this point, I feel like banging my head against the wall. Or banging HER head against the wall actually.

I very politely tell her I DID go see my GP and HE told me to go see Dr Baker. Her response: Oh. Well, I guess you'd better come in then.

THANK YOU for making me feel like my problems are important to you! Sheesh.

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